Rand Paul is a Traitor, What of Ron?

Rand Paul endorsed his neo-con brother Mitt Romney yesterday evening on his other neo-con brother Sean Hannity’s propaganda forum.   This comes as no surprise as we have known out the gate that this little rat-faced sleaze bag is a traitor.

Now what about Ron Paul?  He has never said that it is his intent to be President in 2012 and his recent email would indicate that his goal has been other from the get go.  So have we been duped?  Will we be betrayed?  Only time and Ron Paul can answer this question.

So what do we do now?  Well I will tell you.  We stay the course, 100%, right up to the GOP Convention.  If we are to be betrayed, let that betrayal be absolute.  Do not allow it to be said that we the American people of the American race were not there to support our beliefs to the last round.

We must not be naïve and must begin casting early votes with our wallets.  If the corporate elite are testing the waters with Rand Paul to gage our reaction, let them see that a betrayal of the Revolution by Ron Paul will be the equivalent of busting open a bee’s nest in a crowded ball room.

Starting today, we must clear every shelf in every store of guns and ammunition.  We must begin training out in the open, using air soft and proxy wooden guns in the cities where we cannot use live fire.  We must become more verbal and abrasive than we have ever been.

We must let our enemies know that Ron Paul is not the Revolution, we are.  All Ron Paul has ever been is a peaceful way to our means and if he is removed from the equation, nothing changes.

We are the majority.  We outnumber our enemies 10,000 to 1.  We are going to reinstate our Republic under our Constitution.  We are going to arrest the international socialist insurgents who have infiltrated our government, and that includes the treasonous dirt bag Rand Paul.  That also includes Ron Paul if we find out he has been doing nothing more than buying time for our enemies.

I for one will back Ron Paul as a patriot until he proves himself to be otherwise.

Hope for the best and prepare for war.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Rand Paul is a Traitor, What of Ron?

  1. Good article, enough said. This probably goes deeper than is being talked about. Until now Rand has never shown me to be a traitor. I wonder if he was at Bilderberg? His name was not on the list, Romney was there and not on the list? Whatever comes of this, maybe I’ll have to vote and lock and load. This world is going to irrupt in a storm as never seen in history. I hope everyone is preparred. Control a nations money and control the nation. END the FED.

  2. now that little “footnote” ” *freemason = ron paul” becomes just a little bit more important

    (freemasons loyal to CROWN OF ENGLAND AND THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH LED BY WITCH QUEEN E2 , head of the CLUB OF ROME and ALL freemasons)

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