5 thoughts on “Rand Paul questions Health Nominee Rachel Levine on gender reassignment for minors.

  1. Kind of funny all the way around. This is the state of the Psycho commies, think they can make statements like that, total ignoring of the question, as answering the question exposes their psychosis and intentions, all the while, knowing they will get their little freebie Confirmation of its whacked out sickness anyway. What a creature!

    And then you have Rand Paul, another fkn Status Quo Traitor to our nation, him and papa you know, working from within the system to change it somehow, all peacefully along with Alex Jones and all their ilk, 4 years with their Republican control and Hero God Trumpraeli….and they couldn’t well, do anything accept violate more of our Bill of rights..

    “TREASON at Large”

    1. So true, Norm. And caught in the crossfire, our innocent children.
      Yes, demons at the helm, but truly Levine is an ARCH-demon!!


  2. And it is not just that transgenderism is a sicko notion anyway…I imagine many who transgender will regret it later….but that now, in public schools, kids will have to learn God-knows-how-many gender pronouns when learning the English language can be hard enough!
    And will authors such as myself have my books banned (or burned) because they don’t use the multitude of gender pronouns, and never will?
    And Norm and Galen are right out ol’ Rand… And “Rachels” tranny job was lousy…he still looks as male as he possibly ever could be, and an ugly one at that!

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