Rand the Rat Paul Speaks out of Both Sides of his Mouth Simultaneously

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is being touted as a leading force for the reemergence of the false right paradigm as the leading contender for the new national socialist ruling party as a replacement for the old soviet socialist ruling party which was a replacement for the old national socialist ruling party which was a replacement for the old communist ruling party which was a ……. I think you see where I am headed with this.  The tactics being implemented by this charlatan are nothing new, but the diversity being attempted is a clear example of the reality of the awakening of the American people.   

Apparently, Rand has filed a lawsuit he contends is in support of our Constitution and/or Bill of Rights.  This is an effort to try to connect with the majority out here and it will fail because it is not but a gimmick, as the lawsuit calls for no relief from the in-your-face treachery represented by the NSA.  Rand simply wants to procure a ruling declaring the NSA spying, or portions thereof, as unconstitutional.  Then, we are supposed to elect him and he will work to change the illegal law.  And after four to eight years of further duplicity we can have one of the elements of the illegal program diminished.  Of course by then he would have the opportunity to take us to war in the Middle East and further facilitate the invasion of our country by foreign nationals.

Rand’s latest spew of rhetoric declares we must accommodate the foreigners coming into our country to bring us down to the third world they came from.  And I do love how they try to sell this treachery as in previous generations of illegal invasion, followed by acts of treason in the form of amnesties, has allowed these groups of foreigners to gain political power to the point that our sovereignty must be removed or the foreigners will vote those who oppose them out of office.

Have you noticed more and more how the conversation has been twisted to the point that it is actually implied that these foreign nationals are some kind of threat at the ballot box?  So tell me, Rand, are you admitting that our election process has become so corrupt that an illegal voting block is now an established norm?

I guess the bottom line is it is all smoke and mirrors now.  The smoke is to create the illusion wherein the Tea Party, which has been taken over by the Republican Party (neo-national socialists) somehow is supported by the grassroots patriots.  And then the mirrors are to distract from the fact that when it comes to immigration Rand is embracing the communist one world socialist agenda.

Let’s just cut through the shit.  The international elite have controlled every election for the past hundred years and it is the money of the international corporations that allows the prospective traitor to gain an audience with the power elite to see who can lick the asses thereof most efficiently and with the most genuine zeal while lying out of the other side of his face to the people he will pretend to represent.

Rand recently said in an interview on Fox News that he had lunch with Eric Holder and that he had a lot of respect for Eric.

It is all a lie.  It is all a con.  Rand Paul is just another bidder making an effort to outbid his competitors for the job of Traitor in Chief.  Is anybody out there going to accept that Rand Paul is not absolutely aware of the insurgency that he condemns out of one side of his mouth, while endorsing out of the other?

Again, he praised Eric Holder, who stands in Criminal Contempt of the Congress for covering up his leadership in international gun running, drug smuggling, money laundering, and murder.  I guess Rand just overlooked this, as he now considers Eric to be one of his colleagues.

The crimes being committed in Washington DC every day are beyond question, high crimes and misdemeanors, as described in the Constitution.  Rand does not seek to prosecute these crimes, no more than his daddy did.  He is just trying to carve himself a niche wherein he holds sufficient power to elevate his family bloodline, which must be of sufficient content to become Traitor in Chief, as he was allowed to bend his knee and kiss King Netanyahu’s ring when he went to Israel.  Rand has been sanctioned by the enemies of humanity as is the prerequisite to any and all power puppets.

No one is falling for this sham, but I would remind all that those who push for this new brand of charlatan in the form of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio are not doing so because they are fooled.  It is because they are a part of it and they think us to be the fools that they can manipulate into acquiescing just a little while longer, while their international masters push forward with their effort to destroy our country, enslave, and eventually commit genocide upon us.

Where is that American in a position to challenge the internationals?  Who will step forward to tell the absolute truth?  He or she does not exist as the international corporate mafia elite control the path to power through the control of the currency as they have for the past hundred years.

This insurgency can only be put down by we the people as we are the only ones that have an interest in doing so.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail

24 thoughts on “Rand the Rat Paul Speaks out of Both Sides of his Mouth Simultaneously

    1. God Cop, Bad Cop… Henry, well said.

      Unfortunately, the tea-party knows there is something wrong, but they just can’t quite put their finger on it. It’s because they will not accept the truth and thus all their efforts are failed. You cannot win the battle if you don’t know your enemy and its tactics.

  1. It makes me smile Henry. You see this treasonous rat for exactly what he is.
    That photo of him wearing the yarmulke at the wall is ’nuff said’ for me.
    I have absolutely no respect for the Paul family. They’ve been deceivers from the beginning.

    I agree totally that the only way to take our country, is to take our country.

    May grace and providence protect us all in this endeavor.


    1. I think Dr. Paul was very close to being the real deal. He brought many to recognize the FED for what it is. Whether that was part of intended revolution/counter-revolution agenda remains to be told. The global plans look into the future at least 50 years and unfold in an incremental process so as to be precisely controlled. Order out of a chaos as they say.

      But yes, any politician that adorns the Yamulkah is doing so not for respect of the Sephardic tradition. They are doing so to proclaim their loyalty to the Rothschild money from nothing method of power. This is squarely against what his father preached, “End the Rothschild FED”.

      There is a recent link on this site to an Austrailian film about Palestinian children being tried in Israeli military tribunals. I encourage you to watch at least the first bit. There is a woman that worked with Ariel Sharon. She declars that even though these Arabs have lived on the land for centuries, God gave the land to the Jews. So, there is going to be conflict. This is the mindset of the Talmudic Jew. Their religion also tells them that they are to rule over the world and have seven gentile slaves each. They believe this as certain as Christians believe Jesus is coming back to save them. This is why Thomas Jefferson did not ascribe to religion. He believed in a creator, but not of a bigotted god of chosen people (whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc.). God is not a bigot and we are all children of the creator. It is not complicated.

  2. There is no man or woman in office that will “save” us. We are our own best chance. Rand is McCain is Obama is Mau is Hitler.

    Prepare for what is coming.

  3. paul is not his father.

    he seems to be following the concept of change from within. espoused by some in the libertarian movement(not party) 30 years ago. it’s not a bad tactic.

    but by doing so, he brings condemnation from quarters like trenches.

    some feel that compromise is capitulation. or treason.

    the enemy(the establishment) has used the same tactic forever. it must work…..

    i’m happy that paul and others associated with the tea party are bringing issues to the sheeple that other establishment pols and the media aren’t.

    i was equally happy when pols like kusinich spoke of similar issues.

    for some, just being elected into the present congress is in itself proof of selling out.

    so complain, complain, complain.

    i’ll just sit here and think that paul is not a schumer or pelosi and grin a just a little.

    1. If it only takes a single drop of poison to kill you, you don’t have to drink a whole teaspoon, cup, or quart jar.
      Rand Paul is a shill, an avenue to continue the status quo, a traitor.
      I want my goddamn rights back and the law contained within the Bill of Rights enforced. There is no compromise. If you want compromise, I suggest you get on over to Infowars and declare yourself as one who would compromise on the people’s Bill of Rights to avoid a straight up fight.

      1. I must agree with you Henry! When one starts to compromise, freedom is dissected into little pieces.One can make dozens of excuses for compromise, but I’ve yet to hear any legitimate reasons.
        Trading values and liberty for compromise is selling out oneself.

    2. Ron claimed he was changing things from the inside his entire time in DC. Nothing happened. Should we believe that rand is any better. I don’t think that we have another 30 years to wait for someone to “change it from the inside”.
      If this guy is so great, why hasn’t treason charges been brought against everyone in DC by him?
      The republicans came out today and said that Obama is violating our Constitution, but they can do nothing about it. They are all the same, they just have a different letter next to their name. He will change nothing.

    3. Like father like son pal. Hows that for ya puke!!! Go tell that crap to someone that actually thinks their vote actually counts OK pfffft hows that for you
      . Are you getting a pay check from one of the good ole boys club down in wash dc. pfffft ? bet ya are.
      You are either for or against – ya cannot be both ways and it is obvious what way you are on. 🙁

      1. Vote the only way that matters, Gun Shows. Buy ar-15. Buy exactly that one cause it is the one the libtards hate most and they want most banned. Every patriot should buy one on that reason alone, but it is still a real vote.

  4. Never liked this jackass. People are blinded by him because of his dad.
    His dad is a jackass too but he was the ‘best’ traditional candidate in the last prez election. Which says a lot about the others that ran.
    I bet i made some folks mad talking bad about ron paul. boo hoo. Anyone who thinks he would have been a good prez should actually watch and listen to rons talks and tv appearances from the 80’2 and 90’s. A CLOWN.

  5. Flavor of the month, nothing more. And this one doesn’t even command half the (perceived) credibility daddy had, or the charisma it took to get as far as he did.

    But then again, I never fell for the banana in the tailpipe with him, either.

    Another excellent article, Henry. Keep ’em coming.

  6. I use to understand why ron paul was light on truth, it was necessary. I understand rand being light, and I understand alex jones being light on israel..I know why they did…But NOW?? no, no more time being light…we either need to get in the fight or be honest saying the fight is too hard. Enough of this being light shyte. Its too late now, either speak out or shut up.

  7. This is why I didn’t sign his “petition” or join his “lawsuit” — both assume my CONSENT to the whole of the system.

    Further, the longer it takes for the Constitution to be Restored and these oath breakers to fill cells in Ft Leavenworth, the less trust of the system at the start(new start?)–even if it is rectified.

    It has to be more than just destroying the NSA’s database. All these databases have to not only go, but the public has to have access to classified systems to ensure and validate that there isn’t a database again, or a COPY of the already stolen one operating somewhere.

    It’s also infested the court system. no CONSENT to that either. Can’t jail murdering/drug cartel dealing banksters? I can’t “rightly” prosecute that car thief as a juror. Compare the trillions stolen/destroyed against a hypothetical car stolen/destroyed. The car thief ought only pay two cents when caught (if you compare the math) Say a $90,000 vehicle destroyed and whittled down to a $9 fine. (to mirror the bankster gods math)

    Then there’s that gun control crap. (Straight up Oath breaking)

    Then there’s that Agenda 21 crap which ignores the SAG/SRM op’s.

    Then there’s that problem with dual citizens and zionists up into our most classified positions and positions of control. In writing feinstein and pelosi and matsui, cleary they don’t give a shit.

    While most of congress (including my so-called reps) are “Speedy Gonzalez” rats, Rand is more like “Slow Poke RandReegus” e.g. only after the disaster do the half-measures come out.

    The whole election thing coming up, as far as I am concerned is a non-starter — UNLESS — we get in CONTRACT WRITING these promises these oath breakers make.

    That way, if you say your not going after guns, and you go after guns, then you also go to Ft Leavenworth OR WORSE for breaking your promise.

    If we are going to live in the UNITED STATES then we need contract law to bind these bastards and bitches, if we are going to live in the United States then it’s time for treason, traitor, and oath breaker trials. There’s no study needs to happen, their actions are already documented.

  8. This when I realized Rand Paul (and ultimately Ron Paul as well) were posuers: In 2012, Rand Paul endorsed ROMNEY when his dad Ron Paul was a Republican nominee for President, betraying his own father–and Ron Paul let him do it and said nothing as if he agreed with it! Yeah, and then there was Rand’s fealty to Israel, Senatorial support for the NDAA which he pretended to oppose, etc. Again, Ron Paul said nothing about it as if he approved of it. That is when I realized change will never come from within the system.

  9. “Rand recently said in an interview on Fox News that he had lunch with Eric Holder and that he had a lot of respect for Eric.”

    Are you serious??!!! He actually said he had a lot of respect for Eric? OMG! Hang the son of a bitch!

    That treasonous slime might as well have said that he has a lot of respect for Barry because that is where Eric gets his orders from who in turn gets his orders from the Zionist elite.


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