Rare Amateur 9 11 Footage With Audio Not Shown On TV

Before It’s News – by N. Morgan

In this rare, never released video taken by an amateur filmographer, we see another view of the 9/11 attacks. There is also audio to this video and you will see and hear things never heard, until now. It brings home the true magnitude of this tragic event.

This footage starts shortly after the planes supposedly hit the buildings.

The filmographer captures all 3 buildings collapse across the Hudson.

What makes this footage unique is there are no political or whodunit overtones. There are not conspiracies injected into the story. You have a good view with solid audio from a guy standing on a pier surrounded by loved ones trapped in the buildings.

They stop the film now and again to get the thoughts of the filmographer as he was filming. It is heart wrenching to hear the common sense type statements normal people should have been asking themselves and our representatives about this event.

This is a MUST see. It was not aired on any network news program. It contains lots of bomb detonation sounds and smoke..



5 thoughts on “Rare Amateur 9 11 Footage With Audio Not Shown On TV

  1. All those evacuations except the school in Florida where Bush was doing a photo shoot. I guess either he wasn’t very important or they knew he was not in any danger. Either way it was very strange.

  2. Thanks for posting.
    It’s literally watching treasonous crimes against humanity occur in real time.
    I hope I live to see the real perpetrators punished.
    I really wish Putin would release the Russian satellite photos and ELINT/SIGINT they gathered that day.
    But, he’s probably in on it with the worst of them.
    It’s certainly fantastic blackmail leverage!

  3. RIP to all of those police men/women the firefighters the people in the planes the people in the buldings who couldn’t get out. may you all be remember throughout the lives of so many people, and thank you to the all of the helpers that risked thier life just to save another.

    we love you and miss you so much

    1. And god damn straight to the 9th circle of hell the Zionist CIA and Mossad that perpetrated this crime for their jewish masters to start wars and murder women and children so that their natural resources could be turned over to the whore state of Israel.

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