Rare ‘COVID arm’ side-effect leaves people with huge, itchy, red ‘bullseye’ and hives after getting Moderna shot – but doctors say ‘annoying’ splotch is harmless

Daily Mail

Some recipients of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine say a rash has appeared on their arm seven to 10 days after being immunized.

Called ‘COVID arm,’ the rare side effect leaves people with itchy and swollen skin, sometimes accompanied by red lumps or hives.

Doctors say the splotch is a harmless response from the immune system to the shot that fades within a week.

‘We want to reassure people that this is a known phenomenon,’ Dr. Esther Freeman, director of global health dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital, told USA TODAY.

‘Having a big red splotch on your arm for a couple of days may not be fun but the reality is there’s no need to panic and no reason not to get your second shot.’

See the pics here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9225235/Rare-COVID-arm-effect-leaves-people-got-Modernas-shot-itchy-red-splotch.html

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