Ray Kelly – Totalitarian

The Captain’s Journal – by Herschel Smith

Via WRSA, Ray Kelly is being considered for the new top cop of the DHS, and there is this directly from Kelly himself.

“I don’t think it ever should have been made secret. I think the American public can accept the fact if you tell them that every time you pick up the phone it’s going to be recorded and goes to the government … ”  

First of all, this reminds you of what kind of person you have for president.  Obama isn’t ignorant of Kelly’s views, he knows full well what he believes, and that’s why Kelly is being considered.

Second, the DHS shouldn’t even exist as an organization.  It’s existence is an obscene, repugnant, despicable blight on the face of America.  So the fact that Kelly is being considered for the top cop of the federal government shouldn’t surprise us.  Obama isn’t going to appoint someone who does away with this monstrosity.

Finally, I will remark that God hates totalitarianism in all of its forms – Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Fabian Socialism, and whatever else – and God hates totalitarians.  There are no accidental totalitarians.  They all know what they do, intend it, and want all power to themselves.  They all usurp His authority.  Their end will draw nigh, sooner or later.  And then, eternal judgment.


6 thoughts on “Ray Kelly – Totalitarian

  1. …Mr. Kelly needs to be “Stop & Frisked”….we need a Grand Jury to “Stop” he and the Obama/Bush/Clinton Criminal cabal….impeach them..charge them with treason..and convict them of treason…then we need to frisk their necks at the end of a chain or rope…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  2. I used to think that if the time ever came…I would defy God Himself and jump into hell to pull my fellow man out. Thats how much compassion I USED to have.
    The older I got the more I realized that SOME of these piece’s o’ shit deserve to burn in hell forever. Well what else do ya do with them??? They know what they are doing. Its not in their nature to reform…and what care I the fate of someone who treats their fellow man like prey. Let ’em burn forever.

  3. Whatvdo ya do with them. well I guess that ya make soap out of them when ya boil the fat out of their jewish bodies.

  4. Kelly’s home should be searched for illegal weapons stolen when he was on patrol.
    Kelly’s finances should be picked apart for BRIBES.
    Kelly’s “cases” should be examined for lying and evidence tampering.
    Kelly is a dishonest ANTI-American.

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