RBN Al Whitney Has Passed Away

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Anita Whitney (Better known as Al Whitney) lived in Central Ohio. She had a diverse background which included health care, environmentalism, child advocacy, and community viability. She was a Respiratory Therapist for many years and was married to a retired physician.

In 2009, Al founded “For Ohioans” (now Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines) as a response to the bogus swine flu pandemic. Her research led her to discover that our so-called government is really a franchised network of corporate entities all listed on Dun and Bradstreet. 

In 2010 after becoming aware of the massive amount of deception in our corporate political system she started hosting AntiCorruption Society.com. Website: AntiCorruptionSociety

Then, in 2011, Al founded People for Safe Technologies as a response to the growing threat of electro-magnetic radiation exposure. She lives within eye-shot of a cell phone tower that is located on the grounds of her community high school.

Al Whitney will be missed…  As a woman of great intellect and insight she was an outstanding voice for truth in this world; now may she rest in peace in the next.


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Many of her recent archives can be found here: http://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/

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