4 thoughts on “RC Flying Santa Claus Fantastic Lightweight Model 225 Gram Indoor Flight Demonstration

  1. And you know for a FACT stuff like this is why msm/feds put out stories in their pravda that these rc flyers were such a scourge on airport/white house security. It’s not to protect US.

    What’s the maximum payload?

      1. Hopefully the new and improved 9 reindeer model will be a blast! Germans always take their sport to great lengths and with such fervor. It’s hard to believe they couldn’t come up with a much more effective way to commit what they’re falsely accused of…

        Instead they “opted” for the most ineffective, expensive, time consuming, work intensive, man-hour wasting ridiculous plan known to any genocidal despots before them.

        You know, because they’re lazy and stupid…/s

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