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RC Heli Target


AFT Deputy Director Thomas E. Brandon

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2 Responses to RC Heli Target

  1. KOYOTE says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEil2vo6dlQ ……………………….IN DEFENCE OF USING A HELI AS A ONE TIME WEAPON. ESPECIALLY TO TARGET A SMALL GROUP

  2. CaptainObvious says:

    Geeze. Get the “bait” title correct.
    WTF is that?

    Interesting that I’ve been looking at a few random R/C flying and car videos lately out of curiosity. Mainly because my son is fixing up his R/C truck for the summer.
    And then this (and several other) “bullshit” articles show up? Not just here, but YouTube, etc.
    The dis/mis-info entrapment articles just keep coming.
    And the AI “thinks” I don’t notice this?
    Sad. Very Sad.
    Can you say…or spell…entrapment?
    I would think the incident where I “owned” the dipshit government agent/informant about his “bird-studying” credentials at the Malheur refuge in Oregon 1 month before anything occurred there would discourage this kind of blatant “fishing” operation.
    I need to drive to Medford OR soon, because my Father is dying, and I will not be a patsy. He is a decorated (DFC, Bronze Star, etc.) Vietnam veteran.
    I would say “get a job”, but AI computers and/or “intelligence” agency trolls don’t need one.
    They just feed on electrons and stupidity.

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