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I have no idea on this, I’m just playing out how this should go down because the public is starting to doubt this story and something tells me they get this guy within the next few days. But it has to be timed correctly for the story to drag out over 2 to 3 weeks.

I’m going to call it right here right now.  They are waiting for the opportune time to release his capture so the media frenzy will keep the masses pre-occupied with this story to snuff out something else, another scandal of course.

As soon as the story breaks, this is how it will go, not verbatim mind you but close.  

“One of our people noticed some movement near so and so in the wooded area and at first thought it was just an animal tucking into a hole, and when a team of men after hearing this, decided to check into it further they discovered footprints coming and going into an area that looked like a man made fox hole but more elaborate”.  “Upon further investigation in and around this area, they noticed dry food and empty can food containers scattered about the area”.

“For the safety of our men, we called out to Eric to surrender several times in which there was no reply, we weren’t even sure he was in there or not so we decided to use a percussion grenade and that’s when Mr Frien yelled out, I surrender, I surrender”.

“At this time he crawled out of the hole and we took him into custody and charged him with first degree murder”. (Insert officer name).

“During the interrogation, Mr. Frien said he was happy that this hunt for him was over and that he was surprised that it took this long, he said he even thought about turning himself in several times but decided to see how long he could keep this thing going”.  “Mr. Frien also stated that he is not the first, and certainly not the last to do this because of the way the police are getting away with murder in this country”.  “Mr. Frien described in detail about where he was hiding when he shot and killed one officer (insert name), and injured another (insert name)”.  “Mr. Frien also stated that he left behind his weapons and homemade grenades to lighten up his load so he could travel faster”.  “He also stated that he was running out of supplies and decided that it was too late at that point to turn himself in and decided to write down what transpired the night of the shootings to help lead us to him, so that he would not look like a coward to the people.

“We have made a video of the confession during the interrogation and will release it to the public as soon as we can”

End of story.

8 thoughts on “Re: Eric Frien

  1. This guy may be guilty or may not be.. Have not seen any evidence that shows he did.. All I have seen is evidence that could have been planted.

    If this guy is really the one, he will have numerous places to hide and numerous places to have provisions.

    1. he’s probably sitting in a starbucks or kfc 500 miles away.

      presuming he’s real, there is no REAL evidence whatsoever that he is even in the state – never mind the forrest!

      if someone is looking for you, you dont go camping, you put as much distance between you and them as possible.

      btw, did they find his koran in the forrest yet? /sarcasm/

      1. “if someone is looking for you, you dont go camping, you put as much distance between you and them as possible.”

        Yep. Exactly!

  2. If this guy had the time to set up all these places for shelter, food, diapers etc.. than he sure as heck set himself up with a possible vehicle out of there

    for all we know he could be headed for DC or crossed the border already into …. haha.. of all places, Mexico

    he sure is keeping the revenuers busy aint he.. chasing windmills ..lololol

  3. The leo’s are all sucking up the overtime as they stretch out the fiasco. Says one Leo to another “Christmas will be great this year. I’ve already made 10k in overtime. Think we can stretch it for another week?”

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