0 thoughts on “Reality Check: The Fiat Dollar is the real reason for high gas prices

  1. And that is why it is an irrefutable fact that if anyone other than Ron Paul is elected President, this country is done for. The dollar will completely collapse and 99% of the people in this nation will be living the life of poverty (not that many aren’t already).

  2. Another reality check:The Rothschild banking cartel and their distended bloodline families are the reason for the federal reserve and fiat currency and global oil markets.And war and poverty and slavery and why don’t we just turn the guns on the city of London and make great strides toward world peace and prosperity rather than cower in fear from the Rothschilds’ and Rockefellers’ until they kill or enslave us all?This country needs to wake up whether Ron Paul is elected or not.If any one man was great enough to do it alone it would already be done.And were the population already sufficiently aware of the world around them,poor old Ron could retire in the knowledge that he had done more than his share to that end.Until a sufficient number of people stand up for each others rights,we will be divided and picked off one by one.Divide and rule is a concept as old as history itself.It might sound corny or cliche’ to some but love thy neighbor and respect his rights.Or prepare to fight a divided,unorganized war that is doomed to fail no matter how well-intentioned.

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