Recall Alert: G2R RIP .45ACP Recalled

recallg2rGuns Save Lives – by Dan Cannon

The ammo that took the internet by storm several months ago, G2R RIP, is facing a limited recall.

It would appear that there are compatibility problems with the company’s .45ACP ammunition with Glock handguns.

G2R says they have revised the design and anyone who has unused .45ACP ammo is instructed to email the company for instructions to return the ammo for a free replacement.  

The recall seems to only affect ammo being used in Glock pistols and not other firearms.

G2R says the issue is with Glock’s unsupported chamber.

The G2R RIP ammo caused quite the controversy in the gun community when it was unveiled. Many people were impressed by the interesting test videos released by the company while other people said the ammo was a gimmick.

Subsequent reviews have been mixed with some reviewers determining that the ammo works as advertised and other reviewers determining more traditional ammunition works better.

One thought on “Recall Alert: G2R RIP .45ACP Recalled

  1. well than dont use it in your dam glock


    functions fine in all my fully supported breech 45’s..maybe the problem isnt the ammo but the lack of a fully supported breech in the glocks .. and that also brings up another pitfall of this gun that the owners dont like to hear..cant shoot hot reloads in a glock unless you want to break it
    look up Kaboom on youtube , or something like that maybe its Kaboom glock ..its close to that

    who buys a gun like that? recognition only , no research or guys that dont reload,,? still its a weak point in that weapon many dont like to talk about or own up to, because “glock” was supposed to be soooo great

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