Recall candidate Larry Elder says California’s minimum wage should be ‘$0’

Yahoo News – Washington Examiner – by Jeremy Beaman

California gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder slammed the state’s minimum wage on Tuesday, saying it should be much lower: zero.

The conservative radio-host-turned-Newsom-challenger criticized the state’s Democratic-led government for imposing a $14 minimum wage for businesses with 26 or more employees and $13 for those employing fewer than 26 people, saying officials are interfering in places they shouldn’t.

“The ideal minimum wage is $0.00,” Elder told the editorial boards of California’s McClatchy-owned newspapers.

“For somebody who’s never run a business to tell business people … ‘I’m going to jack up your price of labor, and you’re going to deal with it,’ to me, it’s offensive,” Elder also said during the interview, adding later, “Why two people who are adults can’t determine what the price of labor ought to be, is beyond me, and why a third party feels it is his or her business to interfere with that is also beyond me.”

Elder is among more than 40 candidates who qualified to face Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in his Sept. 14 recall election. Several prominent California Republicans, including Caitlyn Jenner and former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, mounted campaigns of their own aimed at ousting Newsom.

Elder’s comments reflect the message he conveyed in his campaign announcement, in which he blamed the state’s government for “the decline of California.”

“The more I got into this, the more I became optimistic that maybe, just maybe, somebody named Larry Elder can do a little something about some of the problems plaguing California,” he said Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Recall candidate Larry Elder says California’s minimum wage should be ‘$0’

  1. I have listened to many of Larry’s broadcasts over the years. IMO he is a forthright honest man which is why I would be shocked if he became governor of California

    1. Yeah, I think a zero minimum wage would be perfect at this point in the ball game. That way the millions of illegal aliens who are recolonizing our nation and will work as slaves could compete with the American national on a level playing field.
      No wait a minute. That isn’t what I think. I think these f-king corporations and industry should be made to turn over everything they have stolen from we the people through the masonic lodges, dirty churches, treason, sedition, and espionage.
      Larry may be honest, but he is also a treasonous son of a bitch or he would be talking about the war we are in the middle of to decide the future for our progeny.
      Anyway, to participate in this fraudulent recall election would be an acceptance of the administrative admiralty, the 14th Amendment, the Act of 1871, treason, and sedition.

  2. Running for office today is like saying: “I’ll help the people by joining with the peoples’ oppressor – and I’ll earn a decent living, way over the minimum wage.


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