Recipe for De-Tox Mix

As presented by Mark Koernke.


1 cup Curry Powder
1 lb. Fresh Jalapeno (or if preferred) Habenaro Peppers chopped fine.
3 cups 80,000 BTU Cayenne Pepper.
3 heads garlic, fresh, chopped fine.
1 cup Red Hot Pepper seeds.
2 cups Myrrh Gum Powder- Dissolved.
2 gallons Brandy (Vodka should work as well it must be at least 80 proof)
½ gallon (2 bottles) Water OZ silver mineral water (colloidal silver water will also work though not as well)
¼ cup Celtic Salt (Sea salt was recommended by a local health food store for a substitute.)  

Stir and marinate 14 days, turn daily. Yields 3 gallons. Recipe can be halved or quartered or whatever amount you want to make.  You do the math.

Directions for use:

1 teaspoon mixed into 4 ounce tomato or vegetable juice. Acute take every 2 hours for the first 24 hours, then three times a day, as needed. One or two times a day for maintenance. Do not exceed the tolerance of your body! Note: take a non-dairy Acidophilus as described for thirty days.

As with all home remedies the quality of the end product is the sum of the quality of the ingredients you use. Try to get the best quality ingredient for the best results. The results may vary from person to person and from batch to batch.

20 thoughts on “Recipe for De-Tox Mix

  1. “2 gallons Brandy (Vodka should work as well it must be at least 80 proof)”
    “Yields 3 gallons”

    So this recipe is 2/3 booze? If you add a few pretty girls and some loud rock-n-roll, de-tox parties might become the new fad.

    1. I’m actually listening to Mark talk about this stuff right now from the archives, and it’s probably a good idea to have some around. We do get hit with aerial bombardments of chem-trails on a daily basis, and you never know what they’ll be spraying tomorrow.

    1. It is ground cayanne pepper, not whole fresh peppers.
      My batch will be ready on the 17th, although I’ve been taking it already. Really not bad in V-8 juice, yet I like spicy foods.

  2. Here’s a very simple detox formula that works. I use Britta filtered water from the tap, nice and cold. One large glass of water. One tablespoon lemon juice. Two tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar. That’s it ! I’m telling you it works. You’ll feel great.

    1. As for Apple Cider Vinegar, I’d use Bragg Organic, “with the mother”…and it does work,esp. for acid reflux and heart burn. I wish I could handle spicy foods like my hubby can…

  3. I made a batch of this 3 years ago, and it is still going strong. By Yah’s Grace and this recipe, no one in our family has had to resort to antibiotics from big pharma in that time. This is particularly effective in treating respiratory diseases. I’ve seen Mark drink a shotglass full of this straight….. I prefer tomato juice. For storage purposes, you might want to invest in some of the small 4 oz. cans of tomato juice.

  4. It is rare that I consume alcohol, so I’d rather go with Joe in JT’s recipe. I think Funny Farmer summed it up nicely! I do appreciate the information, though…

  5. No kidding
    all I could think was.. after this, F the detox ..I’ll be sh^tting my brains out for days and my anus will be on fire for a month
    or maybe that is the purpose?

    wonder what this concoction is designed to detox you of?

    1. It detoxes…. Sea shells, dump trucks, those baby aliens from the Alien movie and all broken electronics.

      Any tp clumps that are hiding will also be washed into the oblivion.

      At least you can clean your reloading brass and fire the melting pot at the same time. You just sit on them.


        Thanks, Ed. The rest of the commentary is amusing but you paint a picture.

        So many good patriots here, come and gone.

        Sad, yet reassuring. None are forgotten.

  6. Here is my old get over a cold formula:

    1 part Robitussen
    1 part Niquile
    1 part JACK DANIEL’S

    After a good swig of that swill you won’t care how bad you feel. 🙂

    I”ve been leaving copies of Mark’s Detox formula in break areas at work. They are always gone at the end of the day.

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