6 thoughts on “Recognizing the Delphai Technique of Public Manipulation

  1. Thank you for posting this, Larry. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve run into this method. Thick, and solidly in place. Finally gave up trying to beg at that alter and instead work for change from outside the system. It was like a choking blockade. No matter how much good sense or justified objection the public brought, we were always overridden by the agenda, ALWAYS.

    Sometimes crumbs were thrown at the county level but those had no teeth, never went to state level, and anyway, the state is a bigger blockade. It was like being patted on the head and patronized: “There, there, good citizen. Thank you for your testimony which will go on our records and be considered by…” by whatever the ruling body was at the time, which was doublespeak for, “Soon as you leave, we’ll discount your testimony since nothing you can say can stop our plan.” You’d come away feeling defeated and ignored.

    A most toxic enterprise, a grand facade. Extreme suppression. I know millions must have been “Delphied.” A good thing many are working diligently to lift the veil.



    1. Right, just so much theater. The actors play their part and they know the ending.The audience walks out wanting their money back but the meeting was free.

  2. S. C. A. G. Southern California Association of Government. This really happened just 2 years ago. Citizens voting on a $ 500 Billion dollar ( yes! BILLION with a B) Agenda 2030 issue to take away their homes and cars for “sustainability ” with no media present for reporting!!!!!! Beware of the U.N.

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