Record snowfall amounts pile up around the globe

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Record snowfall in Windsor, Ontario –  – A record 18.4 cm of snow fell on Windsor on Friday, according to Environment Canada. Read more

Snow-covered beaches of Barcelona – 

10 Feb 2018 – Snowfall on a good part of Spain. Read more

Michigan city’s snowfall totals climbing toward record highs –  – With more snow on the way. – Read more

New snowfall record for Calgary, Alberta –  – 9 Feb 2018 – “For this time period in February you have the most snow on the ground ever recorded – Read more

Arctic dips to 76F below zero: ‘Some of the coldest temperatures that people have ever experienced’ –  February 12, 2018

Iqaluit angel

Record snowfall in British Columbia –  – Mt. Timothy dealing with record snowfall – Read more

Record Montana snowfall for the season –  – Several reporting stations in central and eastern Montana are reporting historic snowfall totals through the first week in February. Read more

Record snowfall in Japan kills seven –  – Many motorists forced to spend the night in their vehicles. – Read more

First snowfall ever in parts of Morocco –  – Up to 282 cm (110 inches) of snow in the Middle Atlas. That’s more than 9 feet. – Read more

Chicago – 20 inches of snow by Saturday night possible –  – “Travel will be very difficult to impossible at times overnight and into Friday morning,” the National Weather Service warns. Snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour. – Read more

Northern France hit by heavy snow – More on the way –  – On Tuesday night more than 1,500 motorists were stranded on the N118. – Read more


5 thoughts on “Record snowfall amounts pile up around the globe

  1. I am just south of Calgary, AB and it is currently minus 30 celcius (-22F) and there is about 2 and a half feet of snow on the ground. Yep, winter in Canada.

    1. Got to Calgary the day after the Stampede my first time in Canada (’72).

      Still partying hard even then (first time I ever slammed crystal meth – ether-based).

  2. A true Hollywood scumbag, Robert De Niro, a uneducated moron who has trouble with expressing himself in an adult manner, was recently in Dubai telling the Middle Eastern establishment that he is disappointed because Trump isn’t doing more to fight Global Warming.

    Robert De Niro, you have restaurants, hotels and mansions, fly private jet and you make fked up movies that require huge lamounts of energy.

    Not only that, but your uneducated global warming ass fails to recognized that the world has experienced record snow falls globally.

    Your another Hollywood Jew loving piece of sht spreading your feces amoung us.

  3. Howzit that 18.4 centimeters (7.24 inches) of snowfall is a record for ANYWHERE in the Great Lakes region. Centimeters my a$$, don’t know whatcha talkin ’bout Willis! Across the river from Detroit and 7 inches is a record?!? Seems off a bit. When I was growing up in western newyork state we’d get 2 feet of snow overnight and they still wouldn’t close school.

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