‘Red Guards of Austin’ Place Severed Pig Heads in Front of Campaign Offices

PJ Media – by Debra Heine

Maoist revolutionaries across the country are demanding violent revolts on Election Day to protest what they call a “bourgeois farce,” according to their recent posts on social media. As Far Left Watch reports, the Red Guards of Austin escalated its war against “imperialism” last week by placing severed pig heads at “polling places and campaign offices” in and around the Austin, Texas, area.

The group is calling for revolutionary violence rather than participation in the “bourgeois elections.” Red Guards LA shared the grotesque photos on Twitter:  


The Red Guards of Austin carried out the extreme act after it commemorated Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution in China — when an estimated 36 million people were killed by murder and starvation. Writing in the passive voice, the Red Guards of Austin stated in an October 10 post that “a speech was given” on October 1 “to promote the election boycott and commemorate the 69th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution led by Chairman Mao.”


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7 thoughts on “‘Red Guards of Austin’ Place Severed Pig Heads in Front of Campaign Offices

  1. “Maoists” and “war against imperialism”?
    How could one be a Maoists and fight imperialism?
    Like a fish allergic to water. Oxymoronic. Juxtaposed. Diametrically opposite. Retarded. Ludicrous.

  2. I was wondering when the roosters would come….. not that shocking when you realize that wall street financed the revolution in Russia one hundred years ago. What is happening now is the closing of the circle we weren’t told about in school. Haven’t you ever wondered WHY there are revolutions elsewhere…..but never here (at least not in our lifetimes)? The same problems in Syria and Iraq are found here as well, altho in a more sophisticated evil. Why haven’t we revolted? Why hasn’t China co-opted the various anti state groups here in the usa? ( you know, like our government does in other nations). These guys (red guard) are very dangerous simply because they have no after plan…….how do they plan to uplift the nation AFTER said revolution? THEY HAVE NO PLAN. They want to erase the usa from history….with no sequel, no requiem. Gee, WHO DOES THAT SOUND LIKE???? (trenchers I am no nazi, hate sounding like one, maybe they were onto something, despite their rhetoric) Where is wall street????

  3. A little history on American Maoism here from someone who had researched it…

    Funny how Maoism in the US has changed since Mao has died. Now it’s completely idiotic,,,one would think even Soros finds it too ridiculous to fund (but you know Soros, right?). Now, in my day–along the lines of Mao’s “denouncing US Imperialism and all its running dogs” and “politically correct line” (which is where the notion of political correctness comes from)–Maoists usually just handed out leaflets or Red Books (if the proper funding could be had to buy loads of Red Books), or puny protests or even demonstrations–such as the one held outside the UN the day the PRC was admitted to the UN and Taiwan walked out. In other words, Maoism was “peaceful” then. And in Canada as well–the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist)–that is, Maoist–even ran in Canadian elections in 1972 and got more votes than the regular (pro-Soviet “revisionist”) Communist Party of Canada did! But it all fell apart in the mid-70s when the ACWM-ML (American Communist Workers Movement Marxist-Leninist) was infiltrated by the FBI. There used to be a link to a site that posted an article about this infiltration, but I don’t think it’s accessible anymore. Search engine the article “Nothing to be Done”.and all you find is some Pastels song stuff. Anyway,when Mao died in the late 70s there was no one to lead the movement and the only “true Marxist Leninist” left was Albania’s Enver Hoxha, hardly a world leader, who died in the mid 80s. As far as I know there has been no serious “Maoist” movement from then until now. Without a true leader, Maoism truly is a farce! But I am not surprised that Austin–the Texas home of farces (like Alex Jones)–is the home of this bogus Maoist nonsense!

    1. And I almost forgot…if you really want to see how crazy Mao really was, watch this video at the link here: http://honestanswerradio.com/maoists-in-america/ At the bottom of the article is a video by the History Guy about Mao”s “war on sparrows” in China which caused maybe one of the worst famines in history in 1959-1961. Mao’s “scientific Communism”is based on the ridiculous theories of TD Lysenko, a Stalinist minion in the Soviet Union who, in the late 40s and early 50s, caused a huge famine in the Soviet Union. After Stalin died, Lysenko was “gulag’d” or something.

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