Red Neck Shower Alabama Style


Published on Sep 23, 2007

Monster and Vodka: $25.00 Case of Bud Light: $20.00 Carwash: $7.00 Watching someone drink all that and get in the car wash: PRICELESS!!!

10 thoughts on “Red Neck Shower Alabama Style

  1. I want to do that, too!! Quite a shower. But I was wondering if there were any areas that high-powered spray did not reach.



      1. ps: Here’s an old poem:

        Ode To My Genitalia

        Where I go, you go too
        dark chasm of spiritual voodoo
        asleep now and then
        alive in between
        usually hidden
        never really, REALLY clean

        A dusty door to a nether-land
        life-sustaining contraband
        clear and certain yet so confused
        and very, very overused

        Sleep now, while you can
        you know not the hour when
        a love of yours will beckon you
        to wake up and renew

        Living chasm of consciousness
        I cannot de-charge your blessedness



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