Redd Foxx – On Location (1978)

Dec 3, 2018
Redd Foxx’s first and only HBO Special from 1978. Filmed in Las Vegas, this show is representative of his style of risqué “Adults Only” double entendre humor that sold millions of party records beginning in the late 1950s.

6 thoughts on “Redd Foxx – On Location (1978)

    1. My dad had at least one of his albums. We children were FORBIDDEN to play that album…and we never did. What dad said was the rule. 🙂

          1. Lol
            Gotta be tuff going through life looking at everyone’s butt

            Stand UP Mike

            Oh , he is

  1. Oh boy, I’ve only watched the first few minutes and my sides are splitting!! Thanks, Mark. This is true comedy, raw and from the street, hilariously funny. This is Article 1 lived to its fullest. I am saving it for tonight. It will be a hit in my living room. All the young comics out there who aren’t sayin’ anything because of all the political correctness need to take a crash-course in Red Foxx. They need to fly in the face of tyranny, but which one would? They can’t seem to reject a paycheck that yields millions of dollars. And perhaps, some are under threat of death. Who will break out and defy the censorship, will risk life and limb like Trenchers do? WHO?????????????????


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