Refugee Meeting Sandpoint

Published on Aug 18, 2017 by Redoubt News

Refugee Resettlement Meeting in Sandpoint, ID, August 16th. Misleading billed as “just a conversation”, it was presented by GloCal, and sponsored by the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force.

6 thoughts on “Refugee Meeting Sandpoint

  1. Glad these ppl gave it to that lady!! Round em all up and ship em back to where they came from! Can’t believe we provide services and shit to these scum. I got ppl in my family that could use all the help these ppl are getting and their parents and themselves fought for this land that we love. It disgusts me to see that vet’s are being forgot about and left to deal with all the VA shit, when these little fuks come in here and get everything handed to them. We have our own problems in our country we need to focus on first. In Boise we got all these nuts that love having these refugees here….probably because that is how they get there pay checks.

  2. Volunteers work my ass, Soros pays these traitors big, housing,transportation,food. Maybe not cash, but who cares, everything is paid for.

  3. Oh Pre-invasion training, how quaint….F these traitors….

    Thanks for standing for what you believe and fully identifying yourselves and your organization, for later prosecution by the “people”…. after all is said and done and this country is back in the sovereign hands…

    You and all your ilk will be located and brought before our common law courts for proper adjudication…

    That includes all of these corporate local state and county governments and their agents and the Law enforcement that protects them….and advocates this treasonous dreck…..

  4. They are already being snuck into Sandpoint… Hasn’t anyone noticed? It is kind of hard not to notice when you see women walking around Walmart and North 40 with nothing showing but the whites of their eyes. Wake up people. These governments do not care what you think and will do as they please. Better come down on the Mayor… They have gone ahead and have disobeyed the wishes of the people.

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