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11 Responses to Related?

  1. Henry Shivley says:

    The Boys from Red Square?

  2. Enemy of the State says:

    Could even be the same person

  3. Neal Joitke says:

    Is this a test of my memory who is it David Hogg is that who it is

  4. flee says:

    Man… this is very disturbing.

    Evidently there is a new cloned controlled opposition.

    And they said all gooks look alike.

  5. Peter says:

    Heavens Gate cult leader….Marshall Applewhite.

  6. Neal Joitke says:

    David Hogg with the fbi father played the role with a name change Adam Lanza. So let’s find Adam Lanza.
    Lots of these mass shootings involve people that don’t exist. That Florida shooting had lots of fake names of people I don’t know who they were.

  7. Ed Teach says:

    Even the shape of the ears are close enough when one considers the time since 2012.

  8. OKC koyote ( super genius) says:

    That’s that paxil stare right there man

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