Release All Illegals From Prison, Murderers, Rapists, etc… CA Latinos Sign Petition

Wake Up America – by Susan Duclos 

Media analyst and author Mark Dice asks random Latinos in San Diego, California, to sign a petition to release all illegal aliens from prison, no matter  crimes they committed and were convicted of, including murder, rape and burglary, and sure enough, they sign it.

He explains that they all deserve a second chance and the petition is to have these illegal criminals released and provided free U.S. citizenship because they have been treated unfairly.

It is so sad to see how many signed this on camera.

6 thoughts on “Release All Illegals From Prison, Murderers, Rapists, etc… CA Latinos Sign Petition

  1. After all, the TV said they’re only here to pick lettuce, and “they couldn’t say it if it weren’t true”.

    Mindless morons are everywhere. Consider them the enemy, because we certainly don’t want the idiots on our side.

    1. Yea, I know. His petitioning, people and same place of signing always makes his results seem biased and skewed to me. I’m actually getting bored with seeing the same stupid morons in California. Try another state. California doesn’t represent Texas or the rest of the country. If he did some other states, at least then it will make it appear more universal than just one tiny segment of the population to represent the whole. Kinda makes the results faulty, don’t ya think. Not that I don’t believe there are that many stupid people out there. Just trying to make the results more accurate and sound.

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