Remember This? 2013: Senator Warns of Nuke Strike on S. Carolina After Missing Nuke Report

StoryLeak – by Anthony Gucciardi

Senator Lindsey Graham has warned South Carolinians about the threat of a ‘terrorist nuclear attack’ on the same day that our exclusive high level military intel revealed to us that nuclear warheads were being shipped to South Carolina from a major Texas airforce base under an ‘off the record’ black ops transfer.

Found in the CBS report entitled ‘Graham: Nukes In Hands Of Terrorists Could Result In Bomb Coming To Charleston Harbor’, the report details Graham’s warning that a lack of military action in Syria could result in a nuclear ‘bombing’ in Charleston, South Carolina — the very destination of the black ops nuclear transfer. The CBS report reads:  

“He [Graham] says if there is no U.S. response [to Syria], Iran will not believe America’s resolve to block Iran from developing nuclear weapons. Graham also says those nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists could result in a bomb coming to Charleston Harbor.”

Graham is quite literally saying that if we do not launch a war with Syria, South Carolina may be nuked. And this ultimately reeks of yet another false flag being orchestrated by the United States government in order to send us into war, or at the very least a threat. Except this time, we’re talking about nuclear weapons. Amazingly, we were the first to get intel on this from our credible and extremely high level military source, who told us the following:

“Dyess is beginning to move out nuclear war heads today. I got a tap from DERMO earlier. He said it was the first time they have been even acknowledged since being put there in the 80′s. No signature was required for transfer… There was no directive. He said that Dyess Commander was on site to give authority to release. No one knew where they were going really, but the truck driver said to take them to South Carolina and another pick up will take them from there.”

This was sent to us before the Graham report came out warning about the nuclear attack on South Carolina, and coincides exactly with what Graham is saying. I am deeply concerned by these findings, and ask everyone to spread the word on this information immediately. Whether or not Graham is receiving intel from higher ups and believes in a legitimate terror attack on the horizon is unknown, but the reality here is that we have intelligence that has linked the unsigned transfer of nuclear warheads to this exact location.

Now, we need answers.

The entire event is eerily similar to the unsigned nuke transfer that is now known as the ‘2007 United States Air Force nuclear weapons incident’, in which nuclear warheads went ‘missing’ from Minot Air Force Base and Barksdale Air Force Base back in August of 2007. The Minot event, however, was major national news and was even covered by the mainstream media extensively. Disturbingly, however, numerous individuals from the base began dying like flies and committing suicide after the event — and that’s even when it was in the mainstream.

Hopefully, this entire thing will amount to nothing and pass by without any form of ‘terror’ attack. Hopefully the attendee during the speech who told the US News publication that Graham’s speech was ‘absolute fear mongering’ is right. Unfortunately, the military source revealing this information is extremely accurate and is absolutely certain that a black ops nuclear transfer did indeed take place. And what’s more concerning is the fact that we have not heard from the source in quite some time.

We are risking our lives bringing you this report on the high level intel and connecting the dots here to what Lindsey is saying. You won’t hear about this in the mega media unless we force them to cover it, and it’s up to us to get this out there. For the first time, we may be able to utilize this high level intelligence to get answers and stop a potential attack.


8 thoughts on “Remember This? 2013: Senator Warns of Nuke Strike on S. Carolina After Missing Nuke Report

  1. I actually continued the investigation a bit further….

    Remember that “extremely unusual” earthquake, 4.6, of the coast at that time?

    Except that the ‘earthquake’ had the signature of an explosive device; Nothing – and then the seismograph went straight up to 4.6.

    In a smaller article, Obama had ‘fired an admiral’ on some ludicrous charge (I don’t remember exactly, but it was much like the involved AFB commander’s charges of ‘possession of counterfeit gambling chips” BS.

    Said admiral having previously stated (and barely reported) he would “not obey an order to detonate a nuclear device in Charleston harbor”, and instead, took the weapon 650nm offshore…..

    Which JUST happened to be the epicenter of the ‘unusual’ earthquake.

    Which led to my search for – and finding – reports of an ”ocean oddity that has biologists stumped in Charleston” in which ‘hundreds of thousands of dead fish washed up on Charleston beaches’ – several weeks after the ‘earthquake’ (‘DuPont fishing’, anyone?).

    ALL of the above info can be found – and connected – with little effort. I’m too tired. My heart is failing, and my doctors seemed unconcerned.

      1. Thanks. Yea. 6 years ago made the mistake of going to the doctors. They mixed 2 wrong meds (wish I’d known then what I know now (whistling) ), which destroyed my body and heart.

        They kicked me to the curb when in the 1 year window, I didn’t file a malpractice suit, so I was left with a ‘pre-existing’. Only thing about ACA is that they could no longer refuse me.

        Now, I get weaker, they order more tests, each dye-test has a very rough effect on me (my kidney’s won’t flush it properly), but they tell me I “look great” – so I guess – like the economy – I’m doing swell, right?

        I get really down sometimes.

        1. Keep your head up man, doctors f!@ked me over greatly too, but the body has an amazing way of healing itself. Give it what it needs and you will see results. Depression and stress can mess with your physical health too. Sometimes this shit can get to yea, but always try to see the light in things. I would have never came across this website if I didn’t fall ill, nor would I ever had become a cook.

  2. This summary by Koorz is correct, except he left out that we in alt media had to learn of the deep water release from the Russians screaming from their own rooftop about it. As I heard through the grapevine, the device had already been activated at the time the white hats had gotten their hands on it and so they had to put it somewhere it could go off without causing damage. That is why the deep water release.

    In a separate incident, Ghosttroop was doing work in 2007 – 2008 on multiple prepositioned glassmakers in major US cities. I’d heard that at least one was found and deactivated by SF but that the ‘team’ of SF were being hunted and eliminated systematically from inside. Does anyone know if the job was ever finished?

    There has been some discussion recently among former GT’s about resurrecting the cyber group.


    1. I’d never heard this!

      I have a friend who is VERY lo-key, doesn’t ‘talk’ on computers or phones (of anything of ‘importance’), and when we meet, we leave cell phones behind. He KNOWS the real deal, as he spent 20+ years in ‘government security’, worldwide, as he calls it. He’s fluent in a LOT of languages, and has a lot of ‘contacts’ around the world.

      I need to ask him about this one!

      Found this:

      Author states he was “very ill” and hasn’t updated since ’08. There’s one .mil site which wants to load a PDF, but I’m message the site isn’t secure.


    2. “… we in alt media had to learn of the deep water release from the Russians…”

      What about Matt Simmons (who was murdered for it, btw)?

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