Remembering Diggerdan

danIt has been one year today since our brother, Diggerdan, passed from among us.  Diggerdan was one of the cornerstones our family here in the Trenches was built upon, as down to earth as a mountain and wise in ways few attain in this world.

We all got to know Dan via his one-of-a-kind comments that will never be replicated. His life’s experience was truly amazing as he was indeed a victim of the MK-Ultra program and had been down many roads in his personal struggle against the evil machine that is the insurgent government that has taken over in our highest seats of power.  

Dan was a horticulturalist of the old school and was wise in the ways of natural medicines and homeopathic cures.

Those of us who got to know Dan personally have been truly blessed.  I could go on, but suffice to say those who interacted with Dan came away better for the experience.

I truly miss my friend and it does seem impossible that a year has passed since he left us, so to all Dan’s friends and admirers, today raise a glass in salute or maybe torch a fat one and remember Dan.

God bless the Republic, death to the international mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. I regret I did not get to know Dan through these posts as I am rather new to this site ……I have to believe his spirit lives on and he continues in his way to fight the tyranny that has beset our nation…….peace to you Dan and your family

    1. Mary, welcome to FTT. Hope you’ll be able to tune into the radio broadcast M-F. You can listen on cheapest stream by clicking on the red and blue flashing banner at the top of the page. Central time hours are 2-4. Cheapest stream will also play all the shows on Libery Tree Radio, many great broadcasters that know their fields.

  2. Really nice article Henry. It is hard to believe it’s been a year since he passed. If Dan were still here, we’d be enjoying some coffee with Dan’s routine “Wake and bake”, then we would be out tending to the garden and maybe go after some morels. Dan had a lot of medicinal herbs growing and he would take his daily walk through his hillside for a little exercise, stopping along the ridge in this beautiful spot to oversee his property and smoke some more because Dan could never smoke “too much.” The “Trenches” was family to Dan and he would sit and do many comments over the course of a day and, occasionally get drunk and make some comments that you couldn’t decipher or, often, I’d be ROFLMAO from something only Dan would, or could say.
    Yes, I sure miss my friend and think about him often. He was truly the most unique and brutally honest individual I have ever met. My daughters and I laughed and cried last night talking about Dan and their mom, who pass away 21 years ago yesterday. I hope everyone at the “Trenches” has a great weekend with family and celebrate the lives of those lost.


    1. Hey Millard. I can see in my minds eye what you are saying. Thanks for that word picture.

      Keep on pushin brother.

  3. Rest in peace Dan, with the knowledge that we’re still fighting here. Sorry you’re not with us anymore.

  4. I still remember the memorial video with “Dust In The Wind” by Kansas. I hope you are enjoying the afterlife Digger, where the tyranny of evil men and women has no place.

  5. For someone I never knew personally, Dan is someone who caught my attention early on in this forum as one of the “really good ones,” and I have found myself thinking about him from time to time over the past year, truly, and wishing he were still able to comment on the Trenches (but I know he is still with us). A wise man, and what a way of making us all laugh and keeping us on our toes. So, he made quite an impression. Miss him a lot.

  6. Dan had a good heart. He was the best friend I’ve ever had on the internet, and he is sorely missed. We never talked for less than an hour, sometimes for nearly two. I really miss those conversations, as well as his comments.
    Rest in peace, Dan.

  7. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I really miss seeing you here Digger. I hope things are better on the other side. RIP Dan.

  8. I’m pretty new here so I didn’t get to know Dan but it’s obvious from the comments that he was well liked and loved by everyone.
    Cheers to Dan! Hope he is up there smokin a big fatty with Jesus.

    1. LOL We sure have. 😀
      I still keep a print out of that post next to my computer, so I can remember what I need to type for each face. LOL 😆

  9. So Daniel. Here’s to YOU my friend. I can still hear your laugh. Miss it. You taught me things I wouldn’t have known other wise. Rest in peace brother.

  10. Get not your friends by bare compliments, but by giving them sensible tokens of your love.

    God bless DD

  11. R.I.P Dan! You will forever be etched in our memories and missed oh so very much!

    I remember the day Dan and I had a deep discussion about sprouting. What a wealth of knowledge he was.
    . . .

      1. Hi Paul! Yes it was. He said he sprouted seeds on a window sash and in a light, but not so bright, area.
        . . .

  12. SINCE HIS PASSING i humble myself evermore no words just thoughts that never do say how much we all – do what we do

  13. God bless you Digger.Thanks for your efforts. We won’t let you down. I know you’re cheering from above for all that’s right.

  14. Digger welcomed me to the forum sometime ago. Really kind of him to reach out to a new comer.
    Many blessings!!

  15. Thanks for the post Henry. With Memorial Day coming up, it would be nice to have to have a memorial post for all of our old FTT friends who’ve passed on.

  16. Digger used to chew me a new one every time I opened my mouth. After a while I came to look forward to the arguments. I was a bit shocked when I found out he passed, sometimes you need a nemesis. There was never a kind word spared between us but I did enjoy the rivalry, even if he didn’t know it.

      1. Believe it or not, Angel, I used to cringe every time someone came up and slammed me.

        But not for my sake. I knew what was coming once digger saw it, and it was never pretty.

        1. Yes #1, Dan told me gave Henry an Fu one time and I can’t recall how he got back in Henry’s good graces. When he felt slighted, he wouldn’t pull any punches and normally gave both barrels. 😆

          1. I think he did that with everyone but me on the site, Millard. He told he got into it with Angel AND NC very early on. He felt really bad about it, though.

            He did have a temper. 😉

          2. Oh, when Digger was mad, he’d trying to type too fast to bitch at someone who he felt had it coming. Then he’d show me the comment and Dan, at times, would make a mountain out of a mole hill. We was very protective of the site and if he latched onto a troll, it would be the encyclopedia of cuss words, and then some, before all was said and done. He would call me and tell me his suspicions about a potential troll and then I’d check it out. Angel-NYC, you, and Paul got a lot of phone calls. So did Henry. We are all his family.

          3. LOL
            #1, that was many, many moons ago. 😆
            He would bring it up and I honestly didn’t remember the exact interaction he was talking about. LOL 😉
            Our emails always ended with:
            “Your Trusting and Loyal Friend Dan”

          4. #1 @ 8:44 pm,
            Yes, as I said…It was many, many moons ago…He tried to tear into me and I tore right back at him… LOL
            We had fiery “discussions” and came to respect/love each other.

          5. LOL… before my time, Angel.

            I looked it up, though. First comment I ever posted here was on May 31st, 2012. Almost there. 😉

          6. It is really heartwarming that Dan had so many friends on the site. Remember, his family abandoned him in a Juvenile Rehab lockdown at 14 years old. His brother squealed on him and Dan was on his own after that. He certainly hated cops or anyone of authority.

          7. “He certainly hated cops or anyone of authority.”

            LOL… THAT was no secret!

          8. Yes #1, I had no idea what Dan was going to do with an old computer I gave him when I went to a laptop. It didn’t take Dan long to learn how to use that computer and I just gave him minimal instruction. Then he got internet access and rest is history.

          9. I was without a computer or internet for over 2 years, Millard.

            Put that time to very good use, though. Bought lots of dvds and books, and got a LOT of research done during that period.

            Helped that I had quit watching the idiot box before then, too.

          10. DVDs are the ONLY thing that’s ever been shown on my t.v. (yes, I do have one). It’s NEVER been hooked up to ANY cable, satellite or ‘airwaves’ of any kind.

            No ‘programming’ allowed.

  17. Outside of the great posts on this site, I started to realize that the comments
    here were MORE than just comments. The respect shown between the commenters made me feel at home…Digger Dan was always on target. I have been reading this site for quite some time, although I didn’t start posting comments on this site until recently. Although I view this site on a daily basis, it WAS Dan’s untimely death that really let me KNOW that this site deserves the respect that I give it…A salute to DIGGER DAN…AND to ALL who bring dignity and respect to this site…Digger Dan was a big part of
    the respectability of this ONE in a MILLION site.

  18. I just got back to this site after two years of being gone and this is the first I’ve heard about Dan’s passing. What a drag ! I remember ole Dan well. We became good friends on this site after we initially got done raggin’ on each other. He was definitely a stalwart FTT defender. And also a pretty funny guy. More than once, Henry had to tell us to clean up our language. It was like me and him would get into a competition about who could be the most foul mouthed, due to our anger about the state of our country and the world. After Henry gave us the word, we pretty much cleaned it up…….most of the time. LOL ! Dan was a one of a kind and will be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Digger Dan !

  19. Rest in peace, Dan. You helped me out a lot and we both could always relate to many things and experiences. Truly miss ya, buddy.

    Thanks for the post, Henry.

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