Remington Agrees to Replace Triggers in EVERY Model 700 Ever Made

remington_700Guns Save Lives – by Dan Cannon

In a released statement, Remington insisted they were not recalling the rifle, but were going to replace the trigger for anyone who wants it replaced. Remington admits no fault in the setttlement.

It looks like Remington has finally acknowledged the 800lb gorilla in the room and agreed to replace every Remington 700 trigger ever made due to a recent settlement from a lawsuit.

The company is expected to issue a statement shortly which will likely set off one of the largest “part replacement programs” in gun industry history.  

According to CNBC:

America’s oldest gun manufacturer, Remington, has agreed to replace millions of triggers in its most popular product—the Model 700 rifle. The company has been riddled for years with claims the gun can fire without the trigger being pulled, often with deadly results.

CNBC was one of the first networks to do an in depth investigation into the Remington Model 700′s alleged problems.

Numerous accidental shootings and even deaths have been attributed to malfunctioning Model 700 triggers.

Also from CNBC:

The settlement involves a class action suit brought in 2013 by Ian Pollard of Concordia, Missouri, who claimed his Remington 700 rifle fired on multiple occasions without the trigger being pulled. The agreement also settles a similar class action case in Washington state. The Pollard suit accused Remington and its owners of negligence, breach of warranty, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and fraudulent concealment—some of it involving the company’s formal response to the 2010 CNBC documentary.

We don’t yet have any details about how a possible “part replacement program” will work, but we will be sure to pass that information along as it becomes available.

Just last week, Remington recalled one of its shotgun models due to an issue where the gun could fire when a shell was being loaded into the chamber.

5 thoughts on “Remington Agrees to Replace Triggers in EVERY Model 700 Ever Made

  1. “Numerous accidental shootings and even deaths have been attributed to malfunctioning Model 700 triggers.”

    Apparently WAY too many people buy guns with little or no research.

  2. I love the hair-trigger on my 700, because I”m not sure I could shoot straight if I had to squeeze it any harder. (I’m not the most experienced of shooters)

    I trip the safety off with one in the chamber all the time, and I’ve never had that problem, but I’ll be ready for it in the future. For now, I’m keeping my trigger, because it’s too late in the game to start getting used to a new one.

    Also, I read the article linked by Mark in NV, and it seems to apply to guns older than mine:

    “Over the course of the next three years, Barber said he provided feedback to the company on a new trigger mechanism named the X-Mark Pro, which included a visit to the company’s research and development facility in Kentucky.

    When the new mechanism went into production in 2006, Barber’s declaration said he believed the company had quit producing the Walker system.”

    I also bought my rifle in 2009, so I may have the X-Mark Pro trigger system. The article’s a bit vague as to whether or not Remington actually employed that system, but it does say it “went into production”.

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