Renewed Threats by North Korea

North Korea is making new threats of nuclear war in retaliation to planned sea maneuvers which will be conducted by South Korea in the coming days.  Many are speculating that the renewed threats are just that, threats designed to draw attention and possibly future concession from the United States.

North Korea was threatening to use nuclear warheads just last week if the South Koreans went through with live fire exercises as planned.  Of course we all know that the South Koreans did go through with the exercises and the North Koreans did not retaliate.

Others are speculating that North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-il, is using the situation to indoctrinate his generals into the acceptance to his son’s succession to power.

All internal politics aside, the question must be asked, should the world be putting up with this nuclear nonsense?  A scenario must exist wherein a North Korean rocket site doesn’t receive the stand down order in time, someone pushes the wrong button, and the world is thrust into a thermal nuclear war, just because some pea brained dictator wants to flex his political muscles to his generals to get them to accept his son as some kind of military genius.  For all we know the kid’s a dunce and will prove to be even more dangerous than his father.

Maybe our upside down and backwards government should be considering a couple of assassinations in North Korea rather than targeting WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange.  One is playing Russian roulette with the lives of everyone on this planet, while the other is nothing more than a journalist who reported some inconvenient truths.  I guess we will see who it is important for our government to protect us from.

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson stated on MSNBC that the tensions in North Korea are the highest that he has seen them in all the years he has been dealing with the situation there.  Richardson further stated that the escalation in tensions may be nothing more than a North Korean attempt to bring the United Nations to the table in order to gain further concessions in reference to becoming a nuclear world power, but in the end said that nothing is for certain.

With so many contradicting opinions I guess all we can do as little bitty persons on this great big planet is watch, wait, and hope for the best.  God help us all.

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