‘Rent a Jew’: German group launches program to stave off anti-Semitism

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A Munich-based group has launched a program offering “to rent a Jew” for socializing and “breaking down any prejudices.” The group said that few Germans know Jews personally and the program aims “to engage young people on the grassroots level.”

The program, with the rather provocative name ‘Rent a Jew’, has been launched by the Munich-based European Janusz Korczak Academy.  

“There are 100,000 Jews in Germany, but very few people in this country know a Jew personally. We want to change that …and break down prejudices” about Jews, the group said on its website.

The program aims to aims “to engage young people on the grassroots level” and “to build interpersonal contacts for young people” rather than engage in religious or political questions, a member of the academy’s board of directors, Eva Haller told the Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

The ‘rented’ Jews are available to speak in schools, universities, religious groups and other institutions, the organizers said. The participants of the program are under 30 Haller said adding that there are about 20 people already involved.

A similar project was organized at Berlin’s Jewish Museum in 2013. Entitled ‘The Whole Truth … everything you always wanted to know about Jews’, it featured a Jewish man or woman seated inside a glass box. The person was asked questions for about two hours about Jewish life and culture.

The exhibition triggered a controversial response with some critics saying it failed to improve German-Jewish relations.

“It’s a horrible thing to do – completely degrading and not helpful,” Eran Levy, an Israeli who has lived in Berlin for years, told the Daily Mail after visiting the exhibition. “The Jewish Museum absolutely missed the point if they wanted to do anything to improve the relations between Germans and Jews.”

Following the Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket attacks in Paris in January, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on all Jews living in Europe to return to Israel citing “the rising tide of anti-Semitism.” In the wake of Paris terrorist attacks, leading Jewish thinkers in France warned of an alarming rise in anti-Jewish violence. Immigration into Israel has nearly doubled since the start of 2015, according to the Institute for Jewish Policy Research earlier this year.

After the shooting of a Danish Jew outside a Copenhagen synagogue in February, Netanyahu reiterated his calls. Following the attack a rally of more than 30,000 people, led by the Danish PM, marched in central Copenhagen to commemorate the victim and to protest ant-Semitism. A similar rally was held in Oslo and Stockholm as hundreds took to the streets to protest against racism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.


14 thoughts on “‘Rent a Jew’: German group launches program to stave off anti-Semitism

  1. Reminds me of a T-shirt I saw in Ft. Lauderdale during Spring Beak. Worn by a guy, it said, “Drinking Buddy for Rent”.

  2. “The Jewish Museum absolutely missed the point if they wanted to do anything to improve the relations between Germans and Jews.”

    Then obviously they DIDN’T “miss the point”.

    I think whack-a-jew would be far more popular.

  3. RENT a JEW??

    BAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! That title is hilarious, seeing as how Jews will do anything for money. They must be getting desperate for money these days. Now they have the audacity to think they can charge a goyim to show themselves off in public like they are some celebrity or king.

    It’s even more ridiculous because of how they twisted it for their Jew gain because it is the Jews who should be paying us goyim to show themselves off in public if they believe they are so kosher. They’re the ones who have to prove something, NOT us. But of course, they will never give up one penny of THEIR money for a goyim. This proves that point.

    Maybe I should ask people to pay to rent me for a few days and see how far that goes and if people take me seriously and not laugh all the way to the park.


    1. As long as it’s still breathing when you drop it off.

      Otherwise, there’s coroner/death certificate/morgue/mortician/embalming/casket/funeral & burial costs.

      Much cheaper to return it alive, even if just barely.

      1. HAHAHAHA!!!!! 😀 LOL I was ALMOST eating dinner and glad I wasn’t! Wayne Carver IIIis an expensive celebrity coroner to rent these days probably and you know how chiselers will try to squeeze every penny out of us, even if it costs em one of their own. I wish I had a joooo….

  4. this implies that a Jew is actually going to do some work, so I don’t believe a word of it. (unless all they’re going to do is flap their gums for hours)

    1. Gum-flapping is their specialty, JR…it IS work to them! Isn’t that why they seem to end up in ‘entertainment’, and other similar things such as ‘government’…it’s all just a shitload of gum-flapping while their hands search for your wallet.
      They like to flap their gums on farm animals!

  5. I was driving through Borough park (Hasidic Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn) with my girlfriend, who is not from NYC, and she was insisting that I stop making fun of the Jews, which I do endlessly because they no concept of how to share a public street with other people.

    She likes bargain stores, or “junk stores”, so I brought her into one she’ll never forget. It was about an acre of refrigerator boxes cut to half their height, and all of them filled with used clothing. Pairs of pants were selling for a dollar, and a Jewish lady was arguing over the price with the Jewish proprietor, because out of the thousand of pairs of used pants, she chose one with holes in it.
    “I’ll give you fifty cents”
    “The pants are a dollar”
    “This pair has holes. You charge me for holes?”
    “Yes, I charge you for holes”

    My girlfriend saw this and she almost pissed her pants, because it epitomized the most famous Jewish stereotype, right in front of her eyes, and she never complained about me making fun of the Jews again.

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