Reopening LA County: Outdoor dining again allowed at restaurants, but without screens for TV broadcasts


LOS ANGELES (KABC) — After a two-month shutdown due to surging COVID-19 cases, outdoor dining again was allowed in Los Angeles County on Friday but with a new restriction forcing restaurants to turn off or remove from customer seating areas all televisions used for broadcast programming.

The county’s revised Health Officer Order also reinstates previous restrictions on patio dining, requiring servers to wear masks and face shields, limiting restaurants to 50% of outdoor capacity and requiring tables to be at least 8 feet apart.

“Televisions or any other screens that are used to broadcast programming must be removed from the area or turned off,” the order also stipulates. “This provision is effective until further notice.”

Earlier this week, County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer noted concerns about the upcoming Super Bowl leading to gatherings of sports fans on Feb. 7. Ferrer recalled earlier issues with people gathering at private parties and restaurants to watch the Dodgers in the World Series and the Lakers in the NBA Finals last October.

“We know that Super Bowl Sunday is coming up, and we can’t repeat the mistakes of the past,” Ferrer said. “It will be tragic if the Super Bowl becomes a super-spreader of coronavirus.”

The updated order limits table seating to six people, and “all people seated at a table should be members of the same household.” It encourages, but does not require, seating to be done by advance reservation.

When possible, restaurants should instruct customers to call in advance to confirm outdoor seating and serving capacity, the Public Health Department said.

Restaurants are also urged to collect contact information from customers, “if practicable,” in case there is a future need to reach out amid contact-tracing efforts, the agency said.


4 thoughts on “Reopening LA County: Outdoor dining again allowed at restaurants, but without screens for TV broadcasts

  1. Dictate Number 7,493: Abolish all joy, bonding, trust. Make eye-contact a felony, and limit the expression of cheering to the adoration of the peoples’ great leaders only. Betting on ANY outcomes of any sports activities is punishable by death.


  2. All we are left with is to see how many people will truly resist all of this disgusting travesty on our nation and people’s.

    Clearly The NWO is in motion and without the Uniformed enforcers threatening death for non-compliance, nothing could happen.

    So, all police, military and Armed Gov agents..Exactly what role will you play in collaboration with tyranny?

    History is full circle with a twist, all Stasi wannabes will not be greeted by fearful, cowering, passive prols who will go to your gulags willingly.

    We aim to give you a whooping, and show you why you should have joined the people and turned your so called Authority (that consent of the governed oxymoron) against those that issued these unlawful orders.

    It comes soon people, they are talking about 3 & 4 masks, yet if you wear an actual Military Gas mask they refuse you and tell you you have to wear a face diaper instead.

    That alone should wake some of these dumb mthrfkrs up, but alas, they are dumb and useful idiots.

    And Now they are really chomping at the bit to go full retard with the mandatory vaccination for ALL…..

    I wager a major staged event (shooting) coming soon to demonize the guns in a final manner, and the attempt to do that Australian style “buyback”!

    Personally I can’t wait for them to do all of this shit..! I mean really why are they so reticent at this point?

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