2 thoughts on “Rep. Swalwell: Ban assault weapons, buy them back

  1. After this fag congressman loses his job there will be another to replace him, spouting the same BS about making children safe by banning firearms.

    More uninformed opinions from idiots who know nothing about the history of gun control, and who refuse to look at statistics which prove their benefit to society by reducing crime.

    There’s no debate if one side of the argument refuses to accept proven facts; it’s just endless childish rantings with no basis in reality, which are televised to sway the opinions of idiots.

    They’re going to push this same nonsense on the TV-viewing idiots until they’re dead, so start ignoring it now, and get ready to fight for your freedom.

    And remember: They’re not congressmen because they’re wise or knowledgeable. They hold the office because they’re blackmailed perverts who do and say what they’re told to.

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