Report: Iowa’s derecho crop losses increase by more than 50%


Crop loss estimates from a rare wind storm that slammed Iowa in August have increased by more than 50%.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Friday that the number of crop acres that Iowa farmers are unable to harvest has grown to 850,000 from estimates last month that 550,000 acres were lost because of the storm, known as a derecho.

The Des Moines Register reports that the damage caused by winds of up to 140 mph was compounded in late summer with a drought that, at its peak, encompassed much of the state.

The drought is again expanding after some September rainfall.

4 thoughts on “Report: Iowa’s derecho crop losses increase by more than 50%

  1. Out here we are in a “La Nina” year which began last year and will extend into next year (hopefully, no Big Freeze like 2011!). But that “derecho” had nothing to do with La Nina! Put that together with all the “covid” crap regarding loss of crop production and meat production and even a ten year old can figure out “something” or “someone” has manufactured this scenario. Loss of corn not only affects humans, but livestock as well….

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