Report: Military Preparing to Respond to Ferguson Riots

Report: Military Preparing to Respond to Ferguson Riots us army riotPrison Planet – by Paul Joseph Watson

A reporter with the Daily Kos says he was told by a source within the Missouri military that troops are being prepared to deal with riots in Ferguson and St. Louis in the aftermath of an expected acquittal in the case of Officer Darren Wilson.

Shaun King, who has over 75,000 followers on Twitter, revealed how he had been told some “incredibly disturbing information” by a Missouri military source about how in a meeting with military commanders his unit “was told they needed to prepare for riots in Ferguson & St. Louis very soon.”  

“He said that the commanders, very specifically communicated that they did not expect Darren Wilson to be indicted & it could come by Oct 15,” tweeted King, adding, “The young man also communicated that they had been doing early morning drills to prepare for riots on how to shut them down quickly.”

King also attempted to contact the Missouri National Guard & the University of Missouri ROTC, but both refused to comment.

The source also revealed that plans are in place to shut down airports in St. Louis and that troops had been ordered not to take leave in the near future.

Reports are also circulating that authorities plan to disrupt protest camps and that police had been visiting the homes of protest leaders as a form of intimidation.

CBS report confirms that state authorities are expecting riots if Officer Wilson is not convicted for the August 9 shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown, although it contains no details about any potential military response.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles expressed his concern that the disorder could also spread to other areas of the country, telling Reuters that “the unrest is going to be far beyond the city of Ferguson” if Wilson is not indicted.

Ferguson, Missouri was rocked by a series of riots in August in the aftermath of the shooting, with authorities coming under fire for what was perceived by many as a heavy handed militarized response to the unrest.

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