Report: Nancy Pelosi letter to Ted Wheeler – a leak from Pelosi’s laptop?

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It’s appeared on Twitter the Nancy Pelosi letter sending to Ted Wheeler, the Portland Mayor in August 2020. In the letter, House Speaker Pelosi urged Ted Wheeler “to stick to the proven Democratic Play book” to respond to the riots in Portland.

And the 4th point of Playbook is “to blame Trump” with the support from the Press.

The 5th point is to “Go on television and condemn Trump and refuse any assistance.” The letter noted: “We cannot give Trump any victory before the election!!!”

Here’s the letter:

“How did they get this Pelosi’s letter? Is this proof that Pelosi’s laptop got stolen? It certainly looks like a leak from Pelosi’s laptop,” Jay Han commented. He added: “Will a missing Pelosi’s laptop finally bring down entire Democrats with her?”

Nancy Pelosi’s laptop stolen during protests at US Capitol

Earlier, Reuters report: “Laptop stolen from Pelosi’s office during storming of U.S. Capitol, says aide”.

From Reuters 

A laptop was stolen from the office of U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the storming of the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, one of her aides said on Friday.

Drew Hammill, an aide to Democrat Pelosi, said on Twitter that the laptop belonged to a conference room and was used for presentations. He declined to offer further details.

The theft of electronic devices from congressional offices has been a persistent worry following the invasion by pro-Trump followers. They were encouraged by Republican President Donald Trump at a rally beforehand to march to the Capitol while Congress was certifying Democrat Joe Biden’s Nov. 3 election win.

Senator Jeff Merkley, a Democrat, said on Twitter on Thursday that a laptop was taken from his office.

The demonstrators who broke into the Capitol posted several photographs of themselves using congressional phones and various other devices. One reporter with the right-wing outlet Blaze posted a photograph of what purported to be a computer from Pelosi’s office with emails “still on the screen.”

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3 thoughts on “Report: Nancy Pelosi letter to Ted Wheeler – a leak from Pelosi’s laptop?

  1. ***” The theft of electronic devices from congressional offices has been a persistent worry following the invasion by pro-Trump followers. “***


    1. Of course there were antifa members/Bolsheviks and Marxists disguising themselves as corporate communists, you know, the trumptards following Donald Trump, that international communist with five trademarks in communist China.
      You don’t know what a f-king patriot is, buddy, or you would throw that f-king red dunce cap off, grab up a copy of the Bill of Rights, and join the American nationals who know that the enforcement of the ratified written law belonging to we the people is the only way we do not end up with communists of one ilk or the other, subjugating us under the unlawful violation of the 9th Article, the unlawful United States Corporation (see Title 28, definition 15), and the unlawful 14th Amendment declaring we the people, the sovereigns of this nation, as corporate subjugated property.
      This is an unlawful occupation and they are all a part of it. There is no left, there is no right, no conservative, no liberal, no democrat, no republican. There is just the ratified law of we the people that guarantees our liberty and freedom and our ownership of this f-king country, which is being trampled on by both sides. Both sides have violated our law and are treasonous seditious criminals.
      Better get out your reading glasses and figure the rest of this shit out before you join one faction of communism against the other.
      We are not going to stand for communism in this country from either side. We will enforce our law, try and hang every goddamn one of them, and that is every one of them because every one of them is guilty of treason and sedition against the jurisdictional authority of the individual free sovereign nationals for the united states of America. And it is f-king people like you via your wanton ignorance and cowardice that have lead us to this point in time and YOU ARE A TRAITOR TO OUR PEOPLE AND TO OUR LAW.

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