6 thoughts on “Reporter gets angry and tells us the REAL news

  1. Jeno, satire is, many times, a shortcut to a point and comes in handy relating a message. I wish reporters actually reported the news rather than the corporate, white-washed, think tank approved propaganda we now are served 24/7.

  2. Please tell me this was real. Probably not but I can dream can’t I? Remember the movie Liar Liar? I would LOVE for that to happen to all the politicians, and cops, the clergy, and MSM.

  3. Oh man…It’s satire? Damn. 🙁 I was hoping it was real.

    Of course, if it was, he would have been fired, but he would have been a hero in my book.


  4. I worked for the media in the newsroom. The company got taken over by a larger corporation, and they kept the stupids that they could control , and let everyone else go that was OLD SCHOOL about reporting the truth.. So what you see is what you get today crappy news and crappy TV. This has been going on since the 80’s around the whole country replaced by Liars.

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