2 thoughts on “Republic vs. Democracy, U.S. Army Analysis (1928)

  1. Reading this, holding my breath. Will “the individual” be given his/her place of prominence and power. Finally something appears:

    “…a judiciary to pass upon the justice and legality of their government acts and to recognize certain inherent individual rights.”

    Well, I guess they had to stick something in there, but… “Legality?” And just “certain” rights? Nebulous, no?

    When “the individual” is honored, is recognized as the driver of his own life, society as a whole functions better because no one is trampling on anyone else.

    This document could have gone much further in making clear the rights of the individual and their necessity for a free society. Well, it did come from the Army, so…


    1. I found the full document here:


      Too long, but gave it a cursory glance to see if Bill of Rights was included and acknowledged. Yep, pages 94 AND 142. But all dressed in their statist contrivances. And things eventually progress to Amendment Fourteen. Downhill from there. So many noble thoughts, ideals, morphed into the control machine maintaining control.


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