My Fellow Trenchers, Patriots and Americans:


FACT: This is only a cover story for a Coup D’etat that is now occurring.

Before anyone says anything or get up in arms about my tactic here, be sure you understand:

I understand I am asking a COMMIE organisation to take actions against a COMMIE Coup!!!

HENRY: Don’t get all bent out of shape about my use of “Constitution” and so forth!,… I am applying to commie organization that is treasonous by it’s very nature, but in this case, if it can help, I am willing to use them to this end,.. then hang everyone of these SOB’s for their treason!

FACT: The ACLU is one of those organizations that has been aiding and abetting the influx of foreign invaders and communism into this country since it’s inception,… in fact, that is why is was created.

HOWEVER,… you can sometimes use a commie organization to undermine communist actions, hence my request to the ACLU to file both criminal and civil complaints against the Gov. of NJ (Moe Tse Murphy) and to even seek the death penalty against him and fellow operatives for Treason and Sedition.

MY EXPECTATIONS: They will flat-out turn it down because commies typically will not undertake any legal actions that attack their subversion agenda.

WHY DO IT?: To give them EVERY opportunity to PROVE they are part of the communist (Globalist/Zionist) overthrow we are currently experiencing. Let their own actions and refusal of actions indict them of their treason and sedition because they too will be held accountable.

MONEY: Because their is a broad financial incentive here (a Class Action Lawsuit for economic and financial damages), there is the smallest possibility (0.001%??) that they may undertake part of this, which is fine, as I am willing to use ANY of these filthy communist organizations if it furthers our efforts to any degree.

DEVELOPMENTS: I will keep you posted of any responses they send to me as they occur, which again, I don’t expect to be much.

The following is a copy of the REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE I sent them.



Contact Information:

Filed with my personal information for potential actions.


Brief Summary:

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

REASON FOR CONTACT: I am contacting the ACLU to file civil and criminal complaints against the Governor of NJ, and other entities that will be identified at a later date.

SPECIFICS: Criminal charges of Treason and Sedition need to be filed against Gov. Murphy and all agencies, organizations and police depts that are aiding and abetting his criminal conduct for support of Treason, as well as false imprisonment, seizure of our persons without Due Process, and litany of other High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

FACTS: There is NO EPIDEMIC! The countries of Germany, Netherlands and others have now come out with their official reports indicating that the actual mortality rate is no different than any other flu season rate. In addition, a tidal wave of doctors, nurses, virologists and epidemiologists here in the USA and abroad, have come out as whistle-blowers proving that not only is the CDC lying, fabricating and incentivizing false COV-19 numbers, but in fact they are being threatened if they do not falsify COVID-19 numbers and death certificates (See: Dr. Annie Bukacek, MD as just one example).

FACT: This is NOT a medical emergency, it is a Coup D’etat being committed RIGHT NOW, under the guise of medical necessity with lead elements of this Coup being lead by the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros, The WHO, CDC, The Rockefeller Foundation and others. (Proof is ABUNDANTLY available!)

CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT: In addition to filing Criminal Charges against Gov. Murphy and related departments, it is also imperative to file a Class Action Lawsuit (CAL) against him (and related agencies/departments) for the GROSS & CRIMINAL abuse of power, Horrific Economic Harm, as well as the destructive financial harm to virtually every individual in the state of NJ. When this Class Action Lawsuit is made public, there will TENS OF MILLIONS who will join in the complaint for financial redress as well as plaintiffs in the criminal actions brought against these want-to-be tyrants.

This CAL will seek at least a Billion Dollars in damages, and this figure will be upgraded to reflect a higher number once the basis for the claim is established.

ME: I am a cohost on a nation-wide radio show, as well as the former United States Marine that PROVED that what struck the Pentagon on 9/11 was in fact a US Air Force ALCM AGM86D Guided Missile with an AUP-EDE Penetrator Warhead. (The US Marines had spend nearly $5 Million Dollars on my training which was,… Aircraft & Missile Systems, which is EXACTLY what was used on 9/11). I am also the former Chief Forensics Engineer for AE911Truth, and organisation of well over two thousands engineers, scientists and explosive experts who have PROVEN that the Twin Towers and Bldg 7 (NOT hit by a plane) were brought down by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION. (The University Of Alaska’s Engineering Dep’t just completed a 4 year study and has proven that the Bldg 7, like WT 1 & 2) were in fact brought down by controlled demolition, and could have only been done by controlled demolition.)

Steps Taken:

– Analyze ALL relevant data concerning COVID-19.

– Rule-out the possibility of this being a real epidemic (There is no actual epidemic).

– Establish the motive and goals for current epidemic false reports and actions (A Coup being executed in this country and well as others simultaneously.

– Publish all facts and related stories. (Our Radio Show site)

– Discuss and analyze this data with listeners across this country to be 100% certain this is a Coup under false pretenses and nothing else.

Desired ACLU-NJ Action:

Desired ACLU Actions:

– File criminal complaints against Gov Murphy and supportive elements for Treason and Sedition for aiding and abetting this Coup against the United States of America, the State of New Jersey and in direct violation of the US Constitution and more importantly, in direct criminal violation of the Bill Of Rights.

– To initiate a Class Action Lawsuit for the broad economic damage inflicted on this state by Gov. Murphy’s illegal actions and treason.

– To initiate a Class Action Lawsuit against Gov. Murphy and other key players for the broad financial harm inflicted on virtually every individual in this state.

– To seek the Death Penalty against Gov. Murphy and other Key Players for open Treason and Sedition against the United States, the State of New Jersey, the people of New Jersey and the attempted usurpation of the Bill Of Rights and every violation of it committed to date.

– Other potential actions to be considered.

NOTE: There is no greater legal actions the ACLU could ever undertake, than to expose this fake epidemic is actually a Coup D’etat.

Sharing Your Information:

To obtain legal assistanceDue to our limited resources and capacity, we are, unfortunately, only able to provide legal assistance in a limited number of cases. Sometimes, we may want to discuss or refer your case with another organization that provides assistance.

Please indicate below whether you grant your permission to do so.
• I do not want the ACLU of New Jersey sharing information I provided above.
• I give my permission to share the information provided above with other organizations for the purpose of seeking legal assistance.

To educate the public: Even though we may not be able to provide legal assistance, the ACLU of New Jersey may be interested in sharing your story in our communications and policy work. Please indicate below how you would be comfortable with sharing your story when we communicate with the public or advocate with government officials.
• I do not want the ACLU of New Jersey sharing information I provided above.
• Please contact me before sharing any information.
• You may share the information I provided above without limitation.
• You may share the information I provided with the following limitations…

CONFIRAMTION THAT THE ACLU-NJ RECEIVED THIS REQUEST OCCURRED AT 14:38 April 19, 2020 (Sunday) (No Confirmation # provided.)


  1. Or we can start shooting them and burning their houses down with their families tied to the couch.

    I aint got time to beg anyone to fix what they are all part players in.

    There is no restoring the republic. For no part of it remains. It will need to be recreated. I

    Or.we can sit on our ass’ like those before us have done for over a hundred and fifty years. And suck master balls like good tobys.

    1. Hi Ed Teach,

      Agreed, it will come to that, but before the shooting and burning start, we have to take the moral high road and show that we tried every avenue for Redress Of Grievances.

      You, I, and every regular on this site knows the truth and whats coming, but we want more to wake up and be ready to fight, before the fight starts, and one of the best ways to do that, is to “allow” this Enemy-Force-In-Occupation every opportunity to prove beyond any doubt for the new comers, there is no way out of this, except a hard nose-to-nose, barrel-to-barrel, knife-to-throat fight!

      Let our proof be unassailable, irrefutable, without question, definitive and absolute.

      We may never reach that level of completeness, but the truth is, we don’t need it all either. The truth is self-evident and while we’re waiting for the battle to start, it is to our benefit to seek every opportunity to let them show they have in fact, conducted a Coup D’etat in this country, and that there is no moral, political, legal, financial or economic way to hold them accountable for their treason, so now that the expected ways have been exhausted, sometimes called the Soap and Ballot Box,.. it is clearly time for the Cartridge Box!

      Keep Frosty Brother, this could start at any time!

      JD – US Marine,… SOOOOooooo SOOOooooo Hungry To Exterminate These Puke Bags!!!!

  2. I would not jump to criticize you, as what you have done here has come from a patriotic heart, but I will tell you what the results will be.
    The ACLU will spring into action only to immediately meet with frustration when they discover your name is already at the top of the domestic terrorist list.
    All those involved in this coup d’état have already granted themselves immunity from prosecution within the administrative admiralty jurisdiction of which the ACLU has helped to create and promulgate.
    There will be no justice until after the shit fight and there is once again a court of justice to deal with those that are not killed in the retaking of this country.
    The ACLU is an unlawful foreign agency operating in violation of the supreme ratified law of this land.
    You will see Donald Trump and Chuckie Schumer stand up on stage in front of the cameras before the nation and the world and cut their own throats with a dull pocket knife before you see any administrative admiralty lawsuit filed against the criminals by the criminals.
    There is only one way, brother, and you know what it is, and it is a goddamnable shame in consideration of all the innocent lives that are about to be sacrificed again because our people did not get it right the first time. Maybe enough innocents will be lost this time around to compel those left to procure the document for the security of the liberty to make absolute extermination of every traitor the number one priority and the trial and execution of every traitor that shows up thereafter.
    An inevitable and swift action: aim small, miss small, that is how we end this insanity.

    1. Hi Brother,

      Well Henry,.. you know better than anyone,.. I know what I am actually dealing with.

      This is more for entertainment value, than legal or moral redress of grievances.

      I figure I got nothing to lose by trying, and everything to gain by allowing them to openly and contemptuously disregard this request despite the fact it is clearly warranted, necessary and required.

      I said the same thing with Richard Gage, the founder of AE911Truth when he told me wanted to get a bill passed in NY called the “Safe Building Act”, which would have required a detailed study of the collapse of buildings 1,2 & 7 (World Trade Center Towers 1 & 2, and Bldg 7 which fell later that day despite have no structural damage). The idea was that if state of the art buildings failed so suddenly and catastrophically, but were build to the latest NYC Building Codes, then there must be a serious flaw in the building codes, so we need to study what happened and then see if any other buildings in NYC also have those flaws and may collapse without notice.

      I meet with him on 9/11/13 (I think it was in 2013) before going up to NYC, and warned him that ANY actions he takes, will be derailed, shot down, over ridden, etc,…. that they absolutely would NOT allow him to make his proof, especially if he tries to use the court system since the courts are wholly corrupted to protect scumbags like the puke that did 9/11.

      I did tell him to proceed with legal actions of several kinds anyway, making the public announcement that they will all fail, but pursue it, and when the court actions fail, use that as public proof that the courts are as much guilty of Treason, as the people that executed 9/11.

      This is along those lines.

      I will attempt legitimate legal actions in their admiralty courts, and when they dismiss it or refuse to even consider it, let that be another mile marker of the corruption, and irrefutable proof that the only way to fix this, is by direct actions,… killing these SOB’s to the last one!

      We know we’re right Henry, but many people are just waking up (FINALLY!…) and any additional proof of this kind never hurts us,… only them.

      JD – Your Fighting Brother

      1. All right, but do not forget there can be no legitimate actions in their unlawful admiralty courts.
        Maybe letting these people see what they think is legitimate is not would be the real accomplishment.

        1. Hi Henry,

          Exactly brother!

          We have to let their admiralty courts expose themselves for the treasonous corporate frauds they are!

          That’s the beauty of it,… they will provide the proof of their actual structure and intent, which is all we really want.

          These sleaze bag judges, DA’s, ADA’s, lawyers and the rest of their malevolent apparatus, must suffer an especially brutal ending,… something so horrifying, that even I shutter a little to think about it!

          JD – US Marine Exposing These Treasonous Admiralty Courts For What The Are.

  3. I hope the SOB slips on a banana peel head first into a railroad spike on his way to the court house.

    1. Hi HD,

      Do you feel your blood boiling yet??…

      Nothing quenches the thirst created by blood boil than killing tyrants and the commie enforcers!

      Make your preps,… this battle could start at any time.

      JD – US Marine Looking To Quench My Own Thirst!

  4. Today was a good day I broke out of my jail cell for a 200
    Mile ride dam did it feel good, nothing like riding with 20 vets . We all talked about what’s coming everyone knows and has that feeling something coming are way and it’s not going to be pretty . Tomorrow a few of us are going warm up some big BB guns be safe everyone and get your prepping done

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