Researchers finally decipher ancient Jewish Dead Sea scroll written in secret code


One of the last unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls has finally been deciphered bringing researchers one step closer to unravelling the mystery of the texts written more than 2,000 years ago.

Most of the scrolls were deciphered in the years after they were found in the 1940s and 1950s. The ancient religious texts, which are written in a range of different languages including Hebrew and Aramaic, the ancient language believed to be spoken by Jesus Christ, have long been restored and published.  

However the newly decoded scroll was so damaged that some researchers didn’t even realise it was a full document, instead believing it was fragments of other works.

A team from the University of Haifa in Israel spent an entire year painstakingly reassembling more than 60 tiny pieces of the ancient document which is written in a long forgotten secret code.

“The scroll is written in code, but its actual content is simple and well-known, and there was no reason to conceal it,” the researchers, Dr Eshbal Ratson and Prof Jonathan Ben-Dov, said in a statement.

“This practice is also found in many places outside the Land of Israel, where leaders write in secret code even when discussing universally-known matters, as a reflection of their status.”

The pay off for unravelling the archaic cipher was fresh insight into the highly unusual 364 day calendar used by the ancient Judean sect who wrote numerous scrolls.

The Yahad community were religious fanatics who lived in the desert and faced persecution by the establishment. The sect roamed the region between the second century BC and second century AD.

Their calendar was the subject of intense debate at the time. “The lunar calendar, which Judaism follows to this day, requires a large number of human decisions. People must look at the stars and moon and report on their observations, and someone must be empowered to decide on the new month and the application of leap years,” the researchers explain.

“By contrast, the 364-day calendar was perfect. Because this number can be divided into four and seven, special occasions always fall on the same day. This avoids the need to decide, for example, what happens when a particular occasion falls on the Sabbath, as often happens in the lunar calendar.”

This scroll also gives other information about the Yahad including important dates in the sect’s calendar which aren’t mentioned in the bible.

The researchers are now turning their attention to the last remaining scroll whose mysteries have yet to be unravelled.

5 thoughts on “Researchers finally decipher ancient Jewish Dead Sea scroll written in secret code

  1. Interestingly, these scrolls were written in block hebrew script which wasn’t invented until the 10th century AD. If you look at the work of Anatoly Fomenko, he posis that 1000 years of history were fabricated and inserted into the history books sometime around 1600 AD. Remember the Dark Ages where Europeans suddenly became so stupid that they didn’t produce any works?

    To cover up this fraud, (((they))) kept the Dead Sea Scrolls away from the public eye for many years and leading scholars who would have immediately identified the the incongruity were kept away from translation efforts.

    As we say, jews be jewing.

    Difficult but mind-blowing related link on this topic:

    UnSpun 098 – Jacob Duellman: “Scaliger Notatus, Hallucinatio Scaligeri, Part 5”

  2. Come on now, are people still falling for this crap…….when I read articles such as this I am reminded of Ralphie who eagerly deciphered the coded message using his secret decoder ring…….’be sure to drink your ovaltine’…..Ralphie: “that’s it? a lousy commercial? son of a bitch”

  3. What a joke.
    The people who have control of these say what it says and everyone else has to except their translations.

    There is no independent review of these. Its a secret little club and you aint in it.

    Remember. The characters in these old text (including the so called bible) where on psycho active drugs and where part of a sex/procreation cult. Yet it leaves that part out unless you break it down and see the trends.

    At least that is what i read.
    I must have walked in the desert for 40 years. Good thing the manna/mushrooms regrew every night and the chicks put out. We did lose a few people but no need to actually name them. Oh and god said im his chosen one so make babies with me and we can go to this place god said i can have. Did you hear that guy walked on water and the other guy parted the sea? Crazy! Whats next? Unicorns and giants? Better get the animals on a boat and hope they dont eat each other. It’s starting to rain.


    1. Before you become hysterical with ridicule, you should probably have a look at their “holy” book called the talmud. They certainly had no doubt at all that “some crazy guy” walked on water. In fact, they spoke of Him and His mother in such wicked, vile terms as to leave no doubt that He must have really pissed them off. There is no other sacred writings anywhere else that vilify Jesus in this manner. Not the Buddhists nor the Hindus. Not even atheists are so inclined to excoriate someone who, in their opinion doesn’t exist. Why then, would the talmud go on and on wishing the very worst upon Jesus…..if He never existed? Pretty strange to call His mother every name but holy if He never was. Why go on about Him so if He never existed? What sacred book does that? It is ironic that their unholy satanic anger caused them to memorialize Him forever. There is no cause for atheism. He really did exist. The talmud proves it. However, I cannot in good conscience recommend that one read those passages, so damaging to the soul. I myself was unwilling to read very much precisely because it speaks of my Redeemer and His mother in terms that can only be called vicious and satanic. It produces doubt as to His birth,calling Mary a horrible name. It wishes upon Him a fate that would make Muslims blush in shame

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