Residents In More Than 30 States File Secession Petitions

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Residents in more than 30 states have filed secession petitions with the “We the People” program on the White House website.

Petitions to strip citizenship of individuals signing onto petitions to secede and exile them have also been submitted.

A threshold of 25,000 signatures must be met within 30 days for petitions to be reviewed. The Obama administration explains, “If a petition meets the signature threshold, it will be reviewed by the Administration and we will issue a response.”

Micah H. (no last name provided) of Arlington, Texas filed a petition that had nearly 60,000 signatures as of Tuesday morning. It reads:

The US continues to suffer economic difficulties stemming from the federal government’s neglect to reform domestic and foreign spending. The citizens of the US suffer from blatant abuses of their rights such as the NDAA, the TSA, etc. Given that the state of Texas maintains a balanced budget and is the 15th largest economy in the world, it is practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union, and to do so would protect it’s citizens’ standard of living and re-secure their rights and liberties in accordance with the original ideas and beliefs of our founding fathers which are no longer being reflected by the federal government.

Unfortunately for Micah H. and Peter Morrison — a Texas GOP official who called for an “amicable divorce” from the United States last week — secession is not in the cards for the Lone Star State.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) sought to distance himself from the petition on Monday. The Dallas Morning News reported that the Republican governor’s press secretary wrote in an email, “Gov. Perry believes in the greatness of our Union and nothing should be done to change it. But he also shares the frustrations many Americans have with our federal government.”

Here’s a list of states where residents have filed secession petitions in recent days:AlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoDelawareFlorida,GeorgiaIndianaKansasKentuckyLouisianaMichiganMississippiMissouri,MontanaNebraskaNew JerseyNew YorkNevadaNorth CarolinaNorth Dakota,OhioOklahomaOregonPennsylvaniaSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennessee,TexasUtahWest Virginia and Wyoming.

17 thoughts on “Residents In More Than 30 States File Secession Petitions

    1. Ya #1 … I signed too and have been watching the petition grow at a clip of a couple hundred signatures per hour. Texas has over 70,000 signatures now! People also have a petition there to exile those who sign. Good grief!!

      1. I know. I saw that article too.

        The author should be hung for treason, no trial necessary.

        He (or her) convicted themselves by their own actions.

  1. Iowa just signed the other night, too and should be on the list.

    “Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) sought to distance himself from the petition on Monday. The Dallas Morning News reported that the Republican governor’s press secretary wrote in an email, “Gov. Perry believes in the greatness of our Union and nothing should be done to change it. But he also shares the frustrations many Americans have with our federal government.””

    See, I told you, I don’t trust this son of a bitch. He’s playing Texans and Politics again or he’s doing exactly what the elite are telling him to do. The son of a bitch needs to be locked up, while us Texans take back control of our state. As long as he is governor, Texas will be tossed around just like how he backed down to TSA a few years ago. We can’t let that happen again. Lock him up and throw away the key. He’ll probably forget the last three petitions he was reviewing anyways, like he forgets everything else.

  2. You know, this is all happening too quick. I have a feeling we are going to be waking up one morning real soon with Martial Law and more troops on the streets and drones flying everywhere like a Red Dawn scenario. Once again, while I am hopeful for a positive resolution, I am also doubtful this will end good. Be prepared people. I have a feeling this was all planned from the beginning and is being pushed on us. But if it’s a fight they want, then it’s a fight they’ll get! The breakup of the Union is upon us and the only thing left will be a physical fight to the finish. Stay strong and don’t back down, but also stay sharp and be on the lookout.

  3. Well i’m supprised that NV has joined the group,but happy nun the less.I would really like to be a fly on ol’e harrys wall to hear his opinion.I hope he is ging to need a nurse to help him change his shorts.

    1. That’s what I’m keep thinking. This is all happening too fast. Like an engine going into overdrive and ready to blow. It’s like the elite are showing us what we want to hear as bait, like a nice fattening juicy cupcake on the outside, but poison on the inside. Be careful and be cautious, everyone.

  4. would any rational man petition a rabid dog to stop slobbering on his leg ?

    No Statute of Limitations on Murder :


    a bankrupt legal fiction does not have STANDING at LAW to grant your


    how does this thing [government] work ?

    And we tell you:

    “You do the best you can, we’ll do the same.
    We are among friends.”

    All political power is inherent in the people.

    The greatest threat to the [ZOGUS] so-called government is that you should ignore them…..completely.

    Support your republic of Texas Nation.

    Know Truth….

  5. good luck. if you compare america to a human being then i see america as a beheaded or brain dead entity and the body is used as a host for the parasites zionists who are feeding of it until it dies. that stink and decay are already noticeable.

  6. Actually none of this is surprising.

    For starters, there is no way that Governor Perry is going to spearhead such a movement. Why should he? He was “dumped on” by the Tea Party as well as “neo-conservatives” during the primaries. People forgot the most important aspect of his candidacy: his report card! Things can always change. He loves Texas. But to seriously be the father of a new nation, he would almost need to be drafted! Had the Republicans done that when selecting their nominee, none of this would likely be happening.

    Should this movement be taken seriously? You bet! And, behind closed doors, the Administration is pondering their options, hoping that it will merely go away. Here is what they know: “There are roughly 270 million firearms in America that are accounted for. It is believed that there are that many more that are unaccounted for. It is estimated that they are in the hands of 30% of the country.”

    We can guess “which” 30% these represent! I am certain that the President and Secretary of State have already done the math.

  7. The states are just as fascist as the federal government. Let the counties secede. It will be easier to fight them as they turn fascist.

  8. Secession attempts will be futile because most of the signator’s have consented (possibly tacit consent) by legal contractual means via, IRS 1040s, SS, Driver’s licenses, voting registrations, etc. and unless one totally changes their status, such a move can and will be considered an act of war and the government will act brutally and this consent of the people makes their retaliatory act legal. May I suggest that before you diss what I am trying to convey here to go to and listen to the 50 minute overview of a legal process which has real remedy in the event the current executive branch of government defaults? Once you do so, you can also visit the main website located at: May God save our republic.

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