4 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Norm MacDonald

  1. I loved how he ripped on OJ constantly ..i guess it cost him his gig on SNL.. oh well he did fine without them IMO
    and the skits against Clintons were epic and way before their time ,, this man had his finger on the criminality of government and legal stupidity early on , he bagged on them right up until he died
    RIP Norm

  2. I’ve wondered if they took him out. Slow-kill? This is from 21 years ago where he’s still left/right and actually loves George W. Bush. Who knows what he came to believe in his final years. But then he goes off script and mentions the Clinton murders. The B*tches Witches go nuts and don’t know what to do with him, except to tell him he’s done. Maybe this got him killed?:



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