Restored pictures offer glimpse into the past

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These incredible restored pictures offer a unique never-before-seen insight into the past.

A photoshop expert painstakingly restored the images, which were taken in the mid-to-late 19th century and early 20th century. 

Some of the pictures capture fascinating historical moments, including President Abraham Lincoln meeting with Union General George B McClellan in a tent at the height of the American Civil War.  

Also pictured are Officers of 3rd and 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry during the civil war, a group of Ponca Indians in 1865, a Texas couple posing under a tree in 1905 and a portrait of the 15th U.S. President James Buchanan.

A variety of ordinary men and women also feature.

The restored images are the work of 53-year-old Austrian artist Mario Unger.

See the photographs and read more:
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