Revolutionary Communist Party, USA backs Biden

Washington Examiner – by Becket Adams

The Biden coalition is coming along about as smoothly as you would expect for a guy whose two previous bids for the White House ended in disaster.

The president and founder of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA has backed the Democratic nominee for president, announcing in a ponderously lengthy statement that the former vice president, though a detestable enabler of evil, is the right man for the revolution.

With endorsements such as this, who even needs attack ads?

“The situation today holds truly unprecedented and momentous challenges, with profound implications not only for the people in this country but for all of humanity,” said party founder Bob Avakian in a statement.

The Trump administration, he continues, “is a regime headed by ‘a demented bully’ with his finger on the nuclear button. It is a regime that, without exaggeration, threatens not just greatly heightened suffering for the masses of humanity but the very existence of humanity itself, through its intensified moves to further the plunder of the environment and its boasts of unequaled weapons of mass destruction and its blatant declaration of willingness to use those weapons, including its massive nuclear arsenal.”

It is imperative, Avakian argues after a more than 2,700-plus-word preamble, that all good revolutionaries support the Democratic Party and self-professed moderate Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, even though both are “representatives and instruments of this exploitative, oppressive, and literally murderous system of capitalism-imperialism.”

The Biden campaign must be thrilled with the endorsement.

“The question is not whether Biden and the Democrats represent something ‘good,’ or whether, in fundamental terms, the Democrats are ‘better’ than the Republicans,” Avakian writes, daring the universe to assign him an editor. “Both of these parties are ruling class political parties, and none of their candidates represent anything ‘good’ in the most basic and essential sense.”

He adds, “Biden is not ‘better’ than Trump, in any meaningful way — except that he is not Trump and is not part of the move to consolidate and enforce fascist rule, with everything that means.”

And by “support” Biden and the Democrats in the 2020 election, the revolutionary argues, he really means support Biden and the Democrats in the 2020 election.

“To be clear,” Avakian stresses, “this means not a ‘protest vote’ for some candidate who has no chance of winning, but actually voting for the Democratic Party candidate, Biden, in order to effectively vote against Trump.”

Hilariously, in the exact next paragraph, he also writes that the electoral process continues to be “Bourgeois Electoral Bullshit.”

“It remains the case that no fundamental change for the better can come about through this electoral process,” he writes, “and that, in general and overall, voting under this system serves to reinforce this system, especially if voting is seen as a way — and more so if it is seen as the (only) way — to bring about meaningful change.”

So, yes, the electoral process is bourgeoise “bullshit,” and Biden is a representative of evil on Earth, but, hey, at least the Democratic nominee is not Trump. Vote Joe Biden.

Given “the truly monumental stakes involved,” Avakian writes, mercifully bringing his statement to a close, “there is a great need to approach things and act with the sophistication necessary to handle the complex and difficult contradictions involved in all this,” including voting for Joe Biden, who, again, represents a “literally murderous” system of oppression.

Get excited for Biden 2020, comrades.

3 thoughts on “Revolutionary Communist Party, USA backs Biden

  1. Bourgeois, eh? Doesn’t this idiot know that most of his idiot followers have NO CLUE as to the meaning of this word? They probably have clue as to its national language origin, for pity sake!

    Or, is he just trying to cajole Biden into picking Bass over Harris (Venceremos Brigader over descendant of a Jamaican black owner of black slaves?) Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

  2. Well obviously. Basically,

    Democrats = Communist Party.

    Republican = Fascist Party.

    Two sides of the same coin. One Rothschild owned and the other Rockefeller owned. Both Jewish controlled and created entities.

    So pick your poison.

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