Revolutionary War re-enactors bring the Battle of Trenton to life in historical blast from the past

Clouds of smoke filled the streets of Trenton as dozens of American Revolutionary War re-enactors engaged in a running battle through town, firing muskets during Trenton’s Patriots Week.

Residents and tourists snapped photos as they walked alongside the re-enactment of the Battles of Trenton, getting a close-up look at the action.   

The first Battle of Trenton, which took place on the morning of Dec. 26, 1776, was a small but important battle during the war.

General George Washington’s army marched to Trenton after crossing the icy Delaware River on Christmas Day for a surprise attack on the Hessians, who were fighting for the British. Washington’s army defeated the Hessian troops in this battle.

A week later, he won the second Battle of Trenton on Jan 2, 1777 and the following day won the Battle of Princeton on Jan. 3.

After the second re-enactment on Saturday, Continental soldiers lit 13 crescent torches during the Assunpink Firewalk at Mill Hill Park at the Iron Bridge to honor the victorious battles. The torch lighting kicks off a new tradition for the city.

Participants can experience the events that shaped our nation during Patriots Week. The city holds the event annually from Dec. 26 to Dec. 31 offering historical tours, lectures, films, art, music, living history events and battlefield re-enactments.

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3 thoughts on “Revolutionary War re-enactors bring the Battle of Trenton to life in historical blast from the past

  1. I wish I could see this in person, just to experience a bit more of the reality of that time, that battle. I have recently been watching series after series on The Revolutionary War and it’s been a riveting adventure. I know full well that there were those founding fathers who ultimately fell short, but before they did, they fought for liberty, along with all the unknowns who gave everything. I will say though, having watched 3 series so far, none has given the birth of The Bill of Rights the prominence it should have. It’s mentioned but not venerated in terms of its importance. Such is television, but still, there is much to learn about that brave time when courage ran through the blood of all who would be free. Next auction, I’ll add the DVD of one series. It will not disappoint.



  2. The irony of it is it’s in nazi Jersey. Many of the idiots there actually believe they should STILL have access to only ball and cap to overthrow their current dictatorship. They’ll just never get how much they enslave themselves.

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