Rhode Island Second Amendment Call to Action

American Partisan – by NC Scout

Got news on another 2A Rally planned, this time in Rhode Island. If that’s you, you know what to do. If that’s not you, leave it to the folks that live there. And leave your rose colored glasses at home. Its a fight you need to be ready for, and not the one you VOTE MOAR HARDER to resolve. -NCS

This legislative session our Bloomberg-backed Governor will attempt to drive home some of the most restrictive anti-firearms regulations IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. Those regulations include: 

·                Department of Environmental Management database of gun owners

·                Full blown firearms registration through changes to the purchasing process

·                 A ban on virtually ALL semiautomatic firearms

·                Magazine capacity restrictions

·                 Firearms forfeitures through Red Flag expansion

·                Elimination of CCW

·                Background check with ZERO protections for the purchaser

·                Ambiguous ban on 80% that could leave any polymer receiver firearms

On Thursday January 23rd at 4PM we send our elected officials a message by organizing the LARGEST Second Amendment rally our Governor has ever seen. Spread the word to your gun clubs, coworkers, firearms retailers and social media pages. ADVOCATE FOR YOUR FIREARMS RIGHTS!

Please show up at the Rhode Island State House and wear yellow!

American Partisan

11 thoughts on “Rhode Island Second Amendment Call to Action

  1. The prelude to this article sounds like their ready for business not games, like voting.

    I sure hope this is TOTALLY GRASS ROOTS. I’ll be watching.


    “Two more bills were introduced yesterday. “Assault weapons ban” and Magazine ban!

    Still on the fence for not going? You better get you, and your family down to the statehouse!

    We reached out to 80k Facebook members!!! We had a goal of 75k, #LETSGOOO


    Let’s make RI look like the Virginia rally. Only you can make that happen! #doyourjob

    Only you can get off your COUCH and demand CHANGE!


    If you do not have a shirt, please show up early, get through security and hit the tables on the left side! First come first serve. **if you have a shirt already, you will not be giving another**

    Volunteer information will be provided to those who wish to make a impact!

    LEAVE YOUR POCKET KNIFE AT HOME! You will lose them as you walk in to the statehouse.”

    1. “Let’s make RI look like the Virginia rally.”

      Why? Because of the wonderful results that yielded? Did they happen to notice that just a few days after the rally Virginia went ahead and passed those anti-gun laws. Yeah, that rally really accomplished something.

      Yeah, they used to say, “Ignorance is bliss.” I changed it to, “Ignorance is dangerous.”

      Okay, I’ll see where I can plant some seeds with these folks on The Bill of Rights. All this wasted energy and resources, without the goal of full liberty seems nuts, but nuts is what we have. Is it ignorance or is it something more nefarious?


  3. “Here is a rundown on the Rally tomorrow:

    We will be set up in the Rotunda, this is an indoor event.

    We have speakers that will be talking starting at approx. 4:15

    We are going to have various informational tables set up for you to learn more about resources in the firearm community.

    We will have tables set up where you can sign up to volunteer.

    Pizza and water will be provided at 6:00.

    Parking is available at the Providence place mall Hayes street parking lot is the closest to the State House. If you come after 4:00 the employee parking lots are open and the parking is free. Those parking lots are located across the street from the State House, off Capital Hill Street and Francis Street. On the street parking is very limited.

    No firearms are allowed on the grounds or in the building. You will be going through metal detectors to get inside the building so plan accordingly. NO guns, knives, etc..

    The press has been notified, remember to be on your best behavior! We have a fabulous Firearm community and we want that conveyed so we can defeat the biased stigma of the anti-gun movement.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

    We look forward to seeing you ALL there!”

          1. Coming right up. I will confess that a pizza w/o pepperoni is not a pizza, like a juicy burger w/o purple onion is no burger.

  4. Pizza party?

    What? Will the Podesta brothers be there?

    If these people are not showing up to hang the traitors than this is just another second amendment circle jerk aka Virginia

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