Ring Camera Hacker Brags of Watching Unsuspecting Homeowners and Taunts Police Officer

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Users of Amazon’s popular Ring surveillance cameras have reported people hacking into the devices to spy on their homes and harass them.

Multiple families in different states have reported that hackers have spoken to them through the devices. 

An individual who hacked into the Ring surveillance camera of Joshua Koop on December 12 bragged about watching unsuspecting homeowners and taunted a police officer.

In a video captured by Koop, the hacker can be heard saying he watched people engaged in intimate acts by monitoring Ring cameras inside homes.

He then says: “One time I got the cops called to somebody’s house and they had a gun out.”

Koop responds, “Really?” to which the hacker says, “They were taking the cameras and s*** to investigate.” The hacker also alluded to knowing the individual who hacked into the Ring camera in an 8-year-old girl’s room and tried to get her to use racial slurs.

“My friend was on the news,” he says. “Yeah, he was on ABC for spewing racial slurs and telling little kids he was Santa Claus.”

When a Broward County sheriff’s deputy arrived at Koop’s residence, the hacker commented on her appearance. He then tells Koop, “You’re getting hacked by a 5-year-old, dude.”

Koop told Storyful that he had a 15-minute conversation with the individual through the Ring camera, and the hacker claimed to have accessed thousands of cameras in the interiors of people’s homes. He said he has since removed all the Ring cameras from his home after watching footage on the other devices and realizing the hacker was watching him for hours.

“You can hear him breathing over the cameras while he watched me in the backyard,” he added.

In response to Koop, Ring said that “this was not a compromise of Ring’s systems.” The company advised customers to create strong passwords and ensure they were regularly updated. Credit: Joshua Koop via Storyful


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  1. People that put devices like this in their homes deserve what they get
    People that do this eavesdropping shit deserve a bullet
    Cops that want to use these devices to further violate deserve to be hung ( violation of BoR)

    And Hahahaha motherfcker told ya so

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