Rioting in Tunisia

Tunisia’s President Zine al Abidine Ben Ali fled his country on Friday amid rioting.  Ben Ali is described as a ruthless dictator who has exercised authority over the Tunisian people for the past 23 years.  The riots were apparently sparked last month when the government seized a vegetable cart from a vender who set himself on fire in the middle of the street in protest.

It is reported that Tunisia’s work force has been expanding as the jobs available there have been disappearing.  This coupled with out of control food prices has apparently pushed the Tunisian people beyond their limits.  A state of emergency and curfew have been declared and a makeshift government led by the ineffectual prime minister, Mohammed Ghannouchi, is calling for an expedited process in holding elections in order to form a new government.

It seems every week another country is experiencing riots resulting from the actions of overzealous governments, Ireland, Great Britain and Greece to name a few.  The reports in the mainstream media in reference to predicted food shortages would seem to be an indication that the violence that began in Europe may very well spread around the world.

The Congress of the United States will be going back into session next week and among the items on the table are raising the debt ceiling and budget cuts.  This is in essence the equivalency of the austerity measures taken in Europe that has led to the rioting there.  Whenever budget cuts are brought up in the United States Social Security, Medicare, and entitlements in general always top the list.

When the citizenry is supposedly polled the majority say they want spending cuts.  Then in another poll they say they do not want spending cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and entitlements indicating that the citizenry is acting like a spoiled child who doesn’t know what it wants.  Not so, says I.  The problem is they are just not asking the right question in their polls because they know they will not like the answer.

And what is that question?  “Would you support ending the wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Yemen and cutting monies being spent on those wars from the budget?”

The fact is the revenues being wasted on these senseless wars might just be enough to save us before it is too late.  You never know, we might even be able to feed our people for another year or two on what is being wasted.  But that is not going to happen as feeding poor people has never made a rich man richer.

I have to admire the Tunisian people for finally standing up to their dictator and saying, “No more.”  May they be so lucky as to find among them a few with the wisdom possessed by our forefathers who will at last deliver freedom and liberty unto them.  God bless the people of Tunisia.

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  1. This is so sad. What is wrong with the American people? We should be having riots in the streets. We are pathetic. All the American people want to do is talk and beg. We are never going to get any results unless we stand together and do something. Please join our site and add your first name to the list and the address of your unemployment office.

  2. This year is the kicker Barbara and Rick. What I mean is that I think that this year, when more and more of our presently smug, complacent brothers and sisters lose their jobs, UI benefits, and homes, the problems in Tunisia will be happening here. Then what ? Martial Law ? Cattle cars ? Fema camps ? It’s going to be an interesting year, ladies and gentlemen. Bring it on. They’ve made it so that most of us have got nothing to lose. And they’re not gonna like that AT ALL ! Our only hope is to unite.

    1. I agree Sam and I will be one of the first to step up to the plate. I am way past ready. Someone told me I should be careful about what I say when I post. Have they took away our freedom of speech? If so, then I must have missed it. I am not threatening anyone I am just predicting the future. We all are. I know that they have assigned people to sniff around on the different sites to see what we are up to. Things are going to get really bad and I believe everything you have mentioned will indeed happen.

      1. They can sniff around all they want, Barbara. The last time I looked, we, as American citizens,still have freedom of speech. I’m not threatening anybody either. I’m just stating that if anyone comes and tries to take away me, or my God given right as an American, to say what I believe is the truth, well, I’m gonna try not to let that happen. I’m going to defend my country and myself against a bunch of rich, greedy bastards , who have not only ruined my life, but the lives of millions of other good people in this land. I’m not preaching violence, just self defense. SNIFF, SNIFF….Oh shit, the Redcoats are comin’.

  3. When are we American working-class people going to courageously fight like the people of Tunisia? We should be rioting in the streets over the wars that are bankrupting this country, our unequal trade policies that have cost us our jobs, the tax breaks for the rich who don’t need them, the two wars that are bleeding this country dry, the continued offshoring of American jobs that happens with the blessing of our stupid government (corporations who send jobs to China get a tax break from our own government! Tell me how that’s fair?)?? When? I’m sick of this situation in this country! I’m sick of continuing to apply for jobs for which I’m well-qualified only to hear nothing because of my age! I’m sick of having panic attacks over finances. I’m sick of being afraid to bring in the mail each day because it might have a bill I wasn’t expecting or a bill that was higher than I expected! I’m sick of exhausting my retirement funds just to survive now. I’m sick of a government that doesn’t give a d*amn about the age discrimination being practiced. And most of all, I’m sick of Americans just sitting like blind sheep, allowing this to continue.

    1. My thoughts exactly. We have got to unite and get something going. We only have 3 names in the state of GA. I have talked to almost everyone I use to work with and asked them to join us in a Nationwide Rally. What does it take? I started out being nice and now I am damn right mean. I can’t figure it out because they do not have jobs. Something has got to give.

  4. amazing no new comments from different people in a week shows you no one really cares about us. YES HENERY iam a 99 but really only 56er. the people in this country have no balls so nothing will ever happen watch for may 21st

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