Rise of the VARIANTS

Aug 1, 2021
A lot of noise has been made these last few weeks about the rise of the new Delta and Lambda covid variants. There have been threats of a fourth wave, new lockdowns, and the surprise of increasing cases among the vaccinated… but is it really a surprise? While the media and government officials convinced people a vaccine would be the end of this hellscape, others like Dr. Bossche have been warning about this exact situation for some time. New variants, whose origins all correlate with the locations of the initial vaccine trials should have scientists thinking about a cause and effect relationship but is instead relegated to coincidence. Perhaps as the weeks continue to roll on and we get more information about breakthrough cases, we’ll find out if the vaccinated will end up being just Lambdas to the slaughter.

3 thoughts on “Rise of the VARIANTS

  1. This is all bullshit
    even if the virus is real, this is how this really works
    how many people know that viruses get weaker as they mutate ,, yeah ..not stronger
    all the delta, gamma epsilon hype bullshit is all lies … and that IS science

  2. Since there is no “Delta Variant test ”
    Exactly how are people being diagnosed with it ?………………………………………………

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