Rising country music star Justin Carter – ‘the next Garth Brooks’ – dies in accidental shooting

Daily Mail

A rising country music star has died in an alleged accidental shooting with a gun that was being used as a music video prop.

Justin Carter was 35 years old when he was killed at his apartment in Houston, Texas, on Sunday. Very few details about his death have been revealed.

The singer had recently signed a deal with Triple Threat Management. 

‘Justin had a potential, in our eyes and a lot of people’s eyes, to be the next Garth Brooks,’ company spokesman Mark Atherton told ABC 13.

Atherton said the gun used in the accidental shooting was the same one that was slated to be used for a music video shoot.

Loved ones said Carter spent a lot of time recording music at Enclave Recording Studios in northeast Houston and was finishing up his new solo album when he died.

He had released at least six songs since late 2018, including hits Wouldn’t Know and RUN.

Triple Threat Management intends to release the rest of his music, with the proceeds going to his family, including his young daughter.

Carter’s mother, Cindy McClellan, told ABC 13: ‘His music was his world. He was always there for everybody.’

The family has asked Veterans Affairs to cover expenses for the former service member’s funeral, a post on his Facebook page says.

Funding approval could take several weeks so relatives have asked for donations to be sent to beehere04@gmail.com.

According to his website, Carter ‘fully committed’ to having a career in country music last year and had written, produced and recorded more than 30 songs in the span of six months.

He was scheduled to perform at three shows in 2019.

‘Justin is a Texas born and Texas raised country boy to his core,’ his website says. ‘His passion and drive stem from being influenced by some of the greats since he was just a child.

‘He grew up listening to Waylon, Hank, George and Jones. Some of his favorites are Clay Walker, Garth Brooks and George Strait.

‘Justin’s passion is derived from the sound of old country, and he clings to that feeling he gets when he hears it and tries to push that into his music.

‘Times are changing and so are the generations taste in music, but Justin tries to keep a happy medium between both old and new to satisfy everyone.’


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7 Responses to Rising country music star Justin Carter – ‘the next Garth Brooks’ – dies in accidental shooting

  1. H D says:

    Don’t play with loaded guns

  2. Martist says:

    Man, if you can’t see the social engineering in that “song” and video, you’re just never gonna get it.

    THAT is country music?

    • ActionBill says:

      What a train wreck! About as far from country music you can get – autotune, hip-hop, rap?

      And this guy was touted as the “next Garth Brooks”?

  3. Katie says:

    He’s a wrecker of country music!

  4. KOYOTE says:

    “‘He grew up listening to Waylon, Hank, George and Jones.”
    who the hell is “george anD jones”?????????????????????

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