1. what I would like to know is if this shot causes people who are “vaccinated” to spit parts of virus out if their body could it cause health problems for the “unvaccinated “.?
    because no way in hell I’m I ever taking it! And I know everyone on this site that is smart knows that it means no going to the stores without the “card” This is truly the mark of the beast ,without a doubt. Back to question, should we avoid vaccinated people?hopefully someone will reply, thanks great site by the way.

    1. The term REAL experts are using – and their growing fear – is ‘viral shedding’ – and there is a gym in…Scotland? CP Fitness, that is now NOT allowing vaxxed persons into their gym, after consulting with health care professionals and their insurance due to “unknown effects of the experimental mRNA vaccine”

      Thank god I’m an idiot and not like all these smart people who ‘masked and vask’ed up’.

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