Road Pirates follow-up.

If anyone remembers my original article “Road Pirates” this is a follow-up on where things stand. I saw that NJ E-ZPass (more like Sleazy-Pass) finally cashed my two two-dollar checks, so I went to their website to see if the cases were closed.

I was beyond furious when I saw that the case is still listed as open and that the site says I still owe $90.00 (three of the four $30.00 “administrative fees”, I guess one was waived).

I sent them a message through their online dispute form on their website. I told them that I will be taking them to court if these illegal fees are not waived immediately.

I will keep everyone posted on how things progress.

Interestingly enough, I found this article tonight while doing further research. What happened to these 79,000 people is EXACTLY what happened to me, so if I do have to go to court, this will be some pretty strong evidence:

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  1. This reminds me of someone I used to call “friend” who knowingly took up freemasonry and started calling joos “his people”.

    His business would get a contract through connections and get paid months in advance and employees would put in weekly hour claims and were under agreement that it would be a minimum of 30 days until they were paid. They would contact him and say “hey, it’s been 60-90 days since I got paid ” and he would refer to only the MINIMUM was 30 days, not the maximum, and his purpose was to sit on the lump and extract as much mammon through interest while everyone’s bills accrued late fees, penalties and interest.

    I wouldn’t piss on him if I had a full bladder and he were on fire, but I believe this is what they’re doing to people because many will pay and won’t get their money returned.

    Just more usury with a twist.

    1. Anyone who willingly pays such outrageous fees shows that they bow down in submission to those who want to oppress and enslave them. I committed no crime, therefore I am not paying any “administrative fees”. The above article proves that they are doing a full turn around because there are already several class action law suits filed against them. These road pirates can all drop dead and burn in hell.

    1. It’s always good to know alternate routes. In the meantime, these pirates aren’t getting any mammon from me.

    1. Based on the information in that article, the fees will likely be waived. If they are truly stupid enough to try to enforce their “fees”, they don’t have a leg to stand on, even in the corrupt “Maritime Law Courts”. How I wish we had our Common Law Courts, they would be laughed out of “Dodge”.

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