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During the Covid19 plandemic/scamdemic, there were no cash lanes available at the Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge (the bridge on Interstate Route 80) during the month of April. I had made four trips to my house in New Jersey to do renovation work and to also pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy. Since there were no toll takers on duty, most of the lanes were E-Zpass only. Anyone without an E-Pass account and tag were instructed by signs to drive through the toll booth on the far right of the plaza and await a bill in the mail. 

I didn’t receive a bill until Thursday, July 9th for the first two tolls. Instead of the expected bill of $2.00, the invoice said I owed $62.00 ($2.00 toll and $30.00 administration fee for each toll). Needless to say, I wrote out a check for $2.00 and checked the dispute box (section B) on the back of the invoice stating there was no toll taker available and that this was the first bill I had received.

I received the second bill today, Monday, July 13th for the other two tolls requesting the same ludicrous amount of $62.00. I wrote out another check for $2.00 and will mail that out tomorrow morning.

There was one thing I noticed on this invoice that I missed on the other. On the top of the invoice, it stated that any tolls and fees not paid by July 3rd would result in the account being turned over to a private collection agency and suspension of registration.

I don’t exactly know how invoices received on July 9th and 13th could be paid by July 3rd, but if I get pulled over and told that my registration is suspended, or if I receive anything from any collection agency, I am going to file a lawsuit against these road pirates.

They want $124 dollars for four $1.00 tolls?!? They can go straight to hell, they will never get such mammon from me.

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    1. Actually, I am not. I was a caretaker for my mom who passed away in March of 2019. I now help care for another family member who has Diabetes and Leukemia. I currently live in Pennsylvania. I am still in the process of selling my house in NJ. If you have an issue with anyone who resides in New Jersey, perhaps you should talk to JD, US Marine. I don’t miss New Jersey and will never return there again.

    1. I understand (to a very limited degree) that the tolls pay for the maintenance of the bridge (at least in theory), but a $30 “administrative fee” per toll?!? Screw that, screw them, and screw anyone who agrees with them. I followed their posted instructions. The bills weren’t sent to me in May nor June, so unless they can prove otherwise, they are S.O.L.

      1. They’ll try to dig money out of ANYWHERE with the economy in the tank. Revenue, revenue, revenue is their one track mind, like a dog on a bone. Clever methodology. Smells almost Kosher Nostril inspired.

        1. Just like their roving revenue collectors (the gestapo thug storm troopers), mammon is their insatiable obsession.

    1. The dispute section on the back of the form which must be submitted with the payment is a legal document. Considering that even with two months having passed, these tolls were paid within a three month period. Unless they can provide indisputable evidence that bills were received prior to July 9th and 13th, they don’t have a leg to stand on, even in our illegal Maritime Law courts. There was also never any signage that stated that the toll-by-mail had to be paid within a specified period of time, so again, the burden of proof of contract lies with them, not I.

    1. Considering that New Jersey is one of the most corrupt states in the union, it doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’m glad I no longer reside in that shit hole of a state.

    1. My deepest condolences on having had to pass through that cess pool of a state. I’m surprised that they haven’t issued a warrant for your arrest, and that the gestapo thug storm troopers of your state haven’t tried to raid your property at their behest.

      1. Good luck Sunfire, JUST DONT PAY! What a crock! Why do they have tolls during a so called pandemic anyway? FKG ROBBERY..

        They charge truckers tolls out the ass!

        1. I paid the four dollars for the four tolls I was unable to pay at the time due to no toll booths being open for cash. They are not getting one damn penny more from yours truly, they can go straight to hell for all I care. Even in the illegal Maritime Law courts we’re currently subjected to, they don’t have a case.

      2. if they are feeling frosty ..they can bring it

        they will still leave empty handed ..possibly ventilated

        its been crickets since i basically just ignored everything ..i never even responded

        what letter ?… wasnt registered mail ..i never got it idea what they are even talking about ..crazy US mail system

  1. This is only one of the myriad of ways they extort, not just money, but chi, life-force – to make you focus on a lie and to have to invest so much of yourself in getting them off your back; by that I mean the time it takes to write them and explain your situation. I hate those kinds of entrapments so I feel for you, Sunfire. But it sounds like you did all the right things and your communication is clear. It’s almost laughable that we have to deal with these thugs in an intelligent way. To ignore them is the other option but usually comes with more complications. Good thing we’re moving closer to removing those who dictate and infringe, and then we’ll see the real evidence of how The Bill of Rights simplifies so many issues. I CAN’T WAIT!!!


    1. I crossed the bridge four times in April, and they have now been paid four dollars. They aren’t getting a penny more from me. I’m sure there would be plenty of parasites, I mean attorneys that would love to take on a case as ludicrous as this one, but hopefully it won’t come to that.

  2. Someone once told me, “They’re pirates! And they want their GOLD!” So you’re spot on.

    Sorry to hear about that, Sunfire. Here in Texas they just take a picture of your plate and send a bill in the mail. It’s usually only a couple of dollars like you said. No administration fees or anything ridiculous that. That sounds like a corporate scam or something.

    1. It was a simple case where there were no toll takers and all lanes except the last one on the right side of toll booth were EZ-Pass lanes. I don’t have a “Sleazy Pass” account and I don’t want one. The flashing signs said for all non-EZ-Pass drivers to drive through that one lane and a toll bill would be sent by mail. I have absolutely no objection to paying the four tolls, which I have now done. However telling me that these two bills were the “Final Notice” and that my tolls were overdue and now subject to a thirty dollar “administrative fee” for each toll is absolute lunacy. They have no case, but either way, they’re not getting a penny more from yours truly.

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