7 thoughts on “Road Sign On Florida Turnpike

  1. Why do all gas stations have 9/10 at the end of the price? When has anyone seen a coin a tenth of a penny? They might have just rounded the price to the next dollar.

  2. It used to be that 9 mills, (a tenth of a cent), per gallon *WAS* the entirety of the Federal gas tax.

    It’s astronomically higher than that now, but the rule of posting the 9 mills on all posted prices remains in effect. That no doubt is comforting when one hears that the 9 mills is the Federal gas tax. It’s of course totally obfuscating bullshit at this point.

    State, (and local), taxes have never been reflected in the price. So when you’re pissed off about the cost of gas, include your local & national scumbag politicians in your thoughts.

    1. Thanks, I learned something new. And yes I will most definitely keep them in mind when I pay at the pump.

      1. Hey Learningslowly, the biggest rip off at the gas pump is when you try to round the price off at the nearest dollar. Basically paying for air with those last quick pulls of the gas pump handle. With gas prices so high, half the time you’ll go a couple pennies over so you might as well give up before you go over and start a piggy bank with your spare change.

        1. Thanks again you guys. I’m nineteen and this is important info to have when you have useless college textbooks to pay for.

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